I Threw Blankets And Leftover Christmas Decorations On My Friends And Family In A Series I Call Budget Renaissance

Recently I’ve been in love with old Renaissance and Dutch Master portraits. There’s something about that old-timey surreal style – soft lighting, random animals, longing stares into the distance — that I needed to try for myself.

I had no idea where to begin until I got a small battery-powered light wand for Christmas this year. My brother (pictured below) and I started playing around on Christmas morning, brainstorming in the dining room with a dark sheet clamped to a shelf on the wall for a backdrop. We started pulling ornaments off the Christmas tree, a garland from the kitchen, a blanket from the couch, and BAM! In 10 minutes we had traveled back 400 years.

It cracked us up. Seriously, we could not stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it. We started adding anything else we could find around the house, from babies and pets to candles and parents.

For the grand finale, I wanted to take a stab at recreating the Last Supper during a Friendsgiving potluck at my brother’s house a few days later. I think this one turned out to be one of my all-time favorite pictures and one that the baby (my niece) will definitely get a kick out of when she’s older. I call it First Supper.

Brother of Christmas Present

Brother of Scholarly Articles

Brother of Fur

Mom with Grandchild

Justin the Wise

First Supper


Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/budget-renaissance-photography-lee-mora/

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