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Whether you’re out for a cuppa with your mum, in a Whatsapp chat group with your mates or glued to Twitter, there are two words dominating many conversations this summer: Love Island.

The ITV2 reality TV show has grown a dedicated following with audience figures showing around 2.1 million tuning in to watch each episode.

For those who haven’t seen it before, the show throws 13 singletons into a villa where they couple up in the hope a blossoming romance develops.

The public usually has the pick of who stays on the Love Island with the winning couple receiving a 50,000 prize.

Fans will know that if you get hooked then it is a major commitment in your life, with the show on every night of the week – including a weekly-round up of the best bits.

As Love Island reaches the half-way point of this series, here’s a catch-up on some of the stand out moments so far.

1. The feminism row

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What started out as a conversation about who pays on a date turned into a hot debate that ended a relationship before it had barely started.

By episode nine, contestant Camilla had been cracking on (that’s Love Island code for flirting) with fellow islander Jonny and thought that they might have something special.

But then came the subject of feminism.

Speaking in the kitchen, Camilla argued that everyone who believes in equality should be a feminist and questioned whether her potential partner felt the same.

Jonny argued that “real feminists” believe in a “slope towards them, rather than towards men” and said “women almost have more opportunities”.

Cue lots of tears from Camilla and then an awkward chat between the pair where they decided they were too different to form a lasting romance.

It sparked a big debate on Twitter about whether Camilla could class herself as a feminist while appearing on a TV show where the female contestants had to twerk to bag a date.

@LaceyvabderHarg wrote: “Feminism is having the choice to do what you want. Camilla (and the others) want to do it, so they can and it’s their choice.”

While Leanne Brady said: “Camilla, not sure the twerking & lap dance were showing a good example of feminism.”

2. ‘Muggy Mike’

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In what is a classic love triangle, contestant Olivia had to choose between two men, Mike and Chris, who were both vying for her affection.

It created one of the best one liners of the show when Chris branded his love rival “Muggy Mike” for choosing Olivia to couple up with.

Twitter was impressed and the phrase end up trending on the social media site.

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3. Did they, or didn’t they?

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That was the question on everyone’s lips following a shock double elimination.

Let’s set the scene. Dom and Jess had been coupled up from the beginning of the show and believed they were a “power couple”.

But she was dumped from the island, alongside fellow contestant Mike, and insisted to Dom she would be “on the outside waiting” for him when he left.

Then came media headlines that Mike and Jess had spent the night together after being eliminated which was coupled with a cosy shot of them posing together on Instagram.

Meanwhile inside the villa, Dom was pining for Jess and indicating he would remain faithful to her during the remainder of the show.

Fans will have quickly discovered that rumours from the outside world have a habit of being revealed inside the villa.

In what was one of the most awkward moments of the series so far, it came down to contestant Marcel to break the news to his housemate that his love interest may have set her sights elsewhere.

A sun cream bottle was thrown, doors were slammed and the word “bruv” was used a lot.

4. Camilla’s heartbreak

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Tissues at the ready. Episode 21 was an emotional rollercoaster for many fans who have grown to love contestant Camilla.

After a rocky start, Jonny and Camilla decided to rekindle their romance after putting their differences aside when it came to their feminism views. (Yep – a lot can change in a week).

There were plenty of shy glances and late-night kissing, with viewers desperately hoping that nice-girl Camilla had finally found “the one”.

Then new girl Tyla walks in.

Ever the lady, Camilla gives her blessing for Jonny to pursue his new romance and he does just that – snogging Tyla a few minutes later.

While she may be the forgiving type, viewers definitely are not.

Laura Eagles wrote on Twitter: “I wonder if Jonny realises he’s on par with Theresa May as one of the most disliked people in Britain right now.”

Allana Hoggard said: “Camilla is a beautiful educated humanitaran bomb disposal expert and Jonny is a waste of space. Get him off my telly pronto”

Even last year’s Love Island contestants waded into the drama.

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5. The twist

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With the show expected to last seven weeks, producers have thrown in a huge curveball to keep the drama hot and the viewers hooked.

In a Love Island first, the contestants’ relationships will face their “ultimate test” when 11 new faces and a brand new villa are unveiled in Thursday’s episode.

Expect more muggy behaviour, more tears and lots more hilarious Twitter reaction for weeks to come.

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The Eero Beacon is the perfect addition to its family of mesh WiFi products

Since launching two years ago, wireless networking startup Eero has sought to make it easier for consumers to blanket their homes in strong WiFi. With the itsnewest hardware products, Eero took a step forward in that goal, in part by introducing Beacons that can be placed nearly anywhere in a persons house or apartment.

Same Great Setup

Theres not much really to say about the ease of setting up a new Eero system. Out of the box it only takes a few minutes to install the Eero app, connect a base router to your cable modem and get a network up and running. The company has taken what used to be a laborious process and made it drop-dead simple.

Once your first unit is up and running, adding another Eero or Beacon is as simple as pushing a button, plugging it into an outlet, and letting the app find and set up that next device. You can just repeat that process for as many units as it takes to coat your entire home in streaming fast WiFi.

Eero claims that its second-generation base units are twice as strong as the initial units they manufactured. Without doing any serious benchmarking, I found that there was only a nominal increase in strength throughout my home.

But the advantage of having Eero in your home comes from setting up a mesh network of devices to extend the reach of your WiFi. And on that front, Eero still excels. In the year-plus since it launched, Eero remains a great solution for anyone looking to set up a home-wide WiFi network.

So the question is, how do you take a product that is nearly perfect and make it even better? For Eero, the answer is to make your WiFi system even more flexible and to provide ways to put its WiFi routers in more places. Hence, the introduction of the Eero Beacon.

A Router In My Bathroom

Eero routers were always designed to look like a natural addition to their surroundings, to not seem out of place sitting on a bookshelf or on a coffee table in the corner of the room. But Eeros Beacons take that to the next level, by removing the cord and enabling users to plug them into non-obvious places like kitchens and hallways.

I was skeptical about how much I would like the Eero Beacon. That is, until I actually set one up in a place I would have never thought of placing a WiFi router my bathroom.

I live in an apartment that has a typical railroad layout, with a series of rooms connected by one long hallway that runs the length of the building. To provide WiFi coverage throughout, I placed my cable modem and WiFi router in an office roughly in the center of the apartment.

Before I first installed the first-gen Eero system in my home, we would have inconsistent coverage in the very front bedroom of the apartment and in the very back, which just happens to be my kitchen. After installing a three-Eero system a year ago, I got better coverage in both areas, but still felt the connection between the middle and back of the apartment wasnt as strong as I would like.

Yes, thats a WiFi router in my bathroom

The reason for this was pretty easy to diagnose: in between the office and the kitchen were two bathrooms and another bedroom. That means four walls between the middle and back of the apartment in an older building serving to weaken the wireless signal.

With the Eero Beacon, the solution to my problem is obvious. While the bathroom wouldnt usually be an obvious place to put a wireless router, the combination of size and form factor makes the Beacon seem like an oversized night light.

For that matter, I put the second test unit Beacon in my kitchen, where it fits right in while plugged into an outlet next to the stove. Its useful in boosting my WiFi in a room that would typically get pretty weak signal in the back of the apartment.

An App That Does Almost Everything

Once youve set up an Eero system in your home, you might never have to open the companys app ever again. But if you do, youll find it has pretty advanced diagnostics for keeping tabs on all the Eero devices in your home and all the devices connected to your network.

The app allows you to see the strength of connection that each device has, as well as which Eero router it is connected to. Users can set up profiles for people using the WiFi and the devices they have connected to the network.

By doing so, app users can pause connection for related devices or family members, or create scheduled pauses in network availability. That would allow parents, for instance, to restrict Internet usage by their children late at night or to easily take away access for misbehavior. (I really cant think of anything more cruel, TBH.)

Most importantly, the app provides incredible transparency and granular control of the network, while also making administration simple for the common user.

Still A Strong Buy

With the addition of a stronger base wireless router and the addition of its Beacons, Eero is an even better option for consumers looking to improve connectivity in their homes. While it might not be the cheapest WiFi networking system available (prices below), the ease of setup and flexibility in network management provide good reasons for anyone looking to upgrade their network to check out its products.

  • Home WiFi System (1 Eero + 1 Eero Beacon): $299
  • Home WiFi System (1 Eero + 2 Eero Beacons): $399
  • Pro WiFi System (3 Eeros): $499

And as a happy Eero user already, I can say that the addition of its Beacon makes a pretty awesome family of products even better.

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These 10 American Foods Have Had Us All Fooled

In a country as young as the United States of America and built by so many immigrants, its hard to claim any food as being our own. Sure, some of our favorite foods were talking burgers, hot dogs and doughnuts feel quintessentially American, but that doesnt mean that they originated in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

We can take claim for the invention of the unicorn latte, because that was born in a Brooklyn cafe just this year, but do we really want to? And where many other beloved American foods are concerned, weve been falsely staking a claim.

Heres a list of 10 foods we often think of as being created by people from the U.S., but actually have their roots in faraway places:

  • 1 Hamburgers — Germany
    krystiannawrocki via Getty Images
    The hamburger’s un-Americanness is evident in its name. The origin of this food is mostly credited to Hamburg, Germany — get it? — but of course, it’s in America where the hamburger really took off.
  • 2 Doughnuts — The Netherlands
    LauriPatterson via Getty Images
    Doughnuts and coffee are a beloved American breakfast treat, but the doughnut got its start across the ocean in the Netherlands. The Dutch introduced their olykoeks — which translates to oily cakes — to New York City back when it was still called New Amsterdam. And the rest is glazed history.

  • 3 Hot Dogs — Germany and Austria
    Tatyana_Mu via Getty Images
    If you look closely at the names of hot dogs — frankfurters and Vienna sausage — you’ll see where these sausages gained their popularity: Frankfurt, Germany and Vienna, Austria, of course. It is commonly believed, however, that Americans added the bun (therefore making it great).
  • 4 Ketchup — China
    Ryuhei Shindo via Getty Images
    Yep, ketchup is Chinese in origin and it actually started off as fish sauce. British soldiers had a taste of it when overseas and began exporting it back home. It wasn’t until the 19th century when people began adding tomatoes. Eventually the anchovies were taken out of the adopted recipe and ketchup as we know it was born.

  • 5 Pickles — Mesopotamia
    bigacis via Getty Images
    Pickles have been around for thousands of years. Even Cleopatra was rumored to love them. They are, after all, a means to preserve food during a time of bounty for months of the year when there is less bounty. Of course, Americans have come to love them on burgers, served on the side of sandwiches, and cut up into relish on hot dogs, but that doesn’t mean that we’re the only ones who adore them.
  • 6 Fried Chicken — China, Middle East and West Africa
    chokmoso via Getty Images
    Fried chicken is beloved all around the world. That’s evident in the number of countries it’s thought to have originated from. The cooking method was first invented to soften up old hens that no longer laid eggs. This method involved first frying it and then braising it for a long period of time. But it has since evolved into one of the best meals in the world, one that is made with tender hens and a proper crisp coating.

  • 7 Apple Pie — England
    diane39 via Getty Images
    England is credited with the origin of sweet pies, even apple. The first recorded recipe was written there in 1381. Of course, this apple pie recipe — which also called for raisins, saffron and pear — is very different from what we know and love in America today.
  • 8 Mustard — Romans
    YelenaYemchuk via Getty Images
    While the Egyptians revered the mustard seed, it’s believed that the Romans were the first ones to grind them into a paste. Thank goodness for that, because hot dogs just wouldn’t be the same without it

  • 9 Peanut Butter — Aztecs
    Glow Cuisine via Getty Images
    Of all the foods on this list, none feel quite as American as peanut butter. Most of us grew up on this stuff. But alas, peanut butter was enjoyed by the Aztecs before us. The manufacturing process and the machinery used to make it can be credited to multiple peoples — mostly Americans, but one also Canadians.
  • 10 Budweiser — Germans
    Brian McEntire via Getty Images
    Budweiser — the quintessential American beer — may have been first brewed in the states, but it was done so by German immigrants. And those immigrants used a German style of brewing to produce the lager, which is so popular today. 

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