Ariana Grande Evolves ANOTHER Pete Davidson-Inspired Tattoo – LOOK! – Perez Hilton

Oops, she did it again!

Ariana Grande clarified to Instagram followers on Sunday that her recent tattoo change is not a cover up, but an evolution! We’re so here for this mood!!

The fresh art in question is an “evolvin” version of one she seemingly got while dating Pete Davidson, featuring the word “always” on her rib cage, as seen (below):

This isn’t the first tattoo from the whirlwind romance that the exes have had altered since their breakup.

During their time as a couple, Miz Grande had “8418” inked on her foot as a tribute to Pete’s firefighter father who died on 9/11, as it was the number was the late Scott Davidson’s badge, but replaced it with a tribute to Mac Miller‘s dog Myron after the rapper’s death.

The previously engaged pair also both adjusted additional body art dedicated to each other… with the same cover up! The thank u, next singer followed in her ex’s footsteps with a black heart on her finger where Pete’s name once was, while he went for a black heart on his neck over her black bunny.

What a weird coincidence…

Kate Beckinsale‘s beau has continued hiding traces of the relationship on his body, replacing their matching “Mille Tendresse” ink that previously covered the back of his neck with the word “cursed.”

A preview of some of Pete Davidson’s tattoos. / © Jon Mesa/Instagram

That doesn’t seem like evolving to us… LOLz!

Still, the 7 Rings singer hasn’t been embarrassed to go back under the needle when it comes to changing her tattoos. She recently attempted to fix a misspelled Japanese phrase on her hand amid cultural appropriation accusations… but only made it worse!!

Seems her lyrics were right, after all:

“Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble.”

But in the end, it’s all good!

Mr. Davidson has joked about their transformed ink during a comedy show in El Lay, referencing pieces he got dedicated to his ex-fiancée Ariana and ex-girlfriend Cazzie David:

“Um, I’ve been covering a bunch of tattoos, that’s fun. I’m f**king 0 for 2 in the tattoo [department]. Yeah, I’m afraid to get my mom tattooed on me, that’s how bad it is … Obviously you know, we [Ariana and I] broke up or whatever but when me and her first got engaged we got tattoos, and it was in a magazine like, ‘Was Pete Davidson stupid?’ And 93% of it said ‘yes.’ So my boy, he was like, ‘Don’t listen to that s**t man. They’re literally f**king haters.’ And I’m like, yeah, f**k that. I’m not stupid. Well the other day we were in my kitchen and he was like, ‘Yo bro. Turns out you were stupid.’”

He hasn’t gotten any ink dedicated to his new GF… yet! We bet he learned his lesson this time around. LOLz!!

And in the meantime, keep on evolvin, Ari!!

[Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram.]

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“Are Men Really That Clueless?!”: The #1 Way to Solve Almost Any Marriage Argument

I held him against me in the doorway of our bedroom, and we hugged each other. There was a slight stiffness about him, but as we held one another, flesh against flesh, though separated by cotton and denim, I felt his unease slip away as our bodies become one. At my whispered confession his muscles softened even more, and after I had spoken it was as if I could sense the last, lingering drop of his anger dissipate and drift away. Our argument was over. Finished. Forgotten. As if it never was.

But earlier…

I had been mad at him most of the night. Sometimes that man could be so exasperating to me. For someone so kind and thoughtful, on rare occasion, he stunned me with his apparent disdain. Were men really that clueless?!

He had just made me so mad, you see?! All I could think about was how he obviously wasn’t considering my feelings. I mean, why else would he make decisions that went against what I wanted?! Am I right?

As we had ridden along together in silence in the truck, actually going forward with the things I wanted, I wondered why he even came along if he was going to give me the silent treatment. I briefly considered giving him the silent treatment back. I could win that race! I had offered my hand earlier as a kind of peace offering, and he had taken it easily enough, but I felt the space between us despite our fingers intertwined. It was that invisible void that exists in a marriage status post argument. Those weren’t as easy to close as, say, a kitchen cabinet. We rode in silence.

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But at that moment I had heard the voice of God within my heart, piercing me with its directness and clarity.

You’re being selfish. You’re only seeing how this affects you.

And at that very clear and matter-of-fact observation, I realized the truth of it. Immediately I began to see clearly. I saw how my husband was affected by my decisions, and I understood how he must feel about the situation. In a sympathetic viewpoint, I was more able to see his heart and to place myself in his shoes. No longer blinded simply by what I wanted, I was able to see why he desired the things he did. I was crushed by my prior selfishness and aloof behavior. How could I have been so flippant and self-absorbed?!

When I had later called him to our bedroom to talk, it had been to apologize. And as I held him against me I told him I was sorry for being selfish. Of course, he tried to deny my self-accusation, but I could tell by the way his countenance changed that my confession meant a lot to him. I shared how I felt he must personally be affected by the decision we had made (the cause for the argument), and I could tell from his accepting eyes that my empathy meant much to him. Sometimes all we humans really want deep down is for the people who love us to really see us. Most of the time everyone is too self-absorbed to see beyond their own nose.

I think the number one cause for most marital discord is selfishness. The human tendency to see only self is the main reason for a breakdown in relationships. What about cheating, you may ask. Well, isn’t a cheater only looking at what they want? Isn’t a lie simply a way to cover one’s tracks or reputation? Isn’t ignoring the needs [of] your spouse an exercise in selfishness? The truth is that the human tendency is to mainly look at self.

How does this affect me?

Look how she’s hurting me!

Look how he’s ignoring me!

Why doesn’t he care about my feelings?

Why doesn’t she listen?

Me, me, me.

Almost any argument can be prevented by looking less at what we need and looking more at what the other person needs. Most fights can be solved by looking more at how we hurt the other person and less at how they hurt us. Most disagreements are smoothed over, forgiven, and forgotten by taking a selfless approach and walking in that.

When we can serve our partner in selflessness we make our marriages bloom, lessen discord, and grow our relationship. It’s a reciprocal relationship, where your servant attitude manifests the same in your spouse. When you look after the feelings and needs of your spouse first, they’ll look after your needs in return. It might take a little work, but it leads to a longer, happier life together. Certainly more than one where you just worry about yourself.

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Dear Husbands, Don’t Be a Bonehead

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Someone Was Looking For A New House, Found This Listing With A Basement Sex Dungeon (20 Pics)

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele get ready to move to the suburbs because Redfin has found the listing for you – and the best part is the sex swing is already provided. Nestled away in the sleepy suburbs of Maple Glen, a suburb of Philadelphia is a 5,000-square-foot Colonial, fully furnished property that on the inside is anything but traditional. Sure it has all the basic amenities and furnishings, but take a look downstairs and you will find out why the listing agent of the home, Melissa Leonard, calls it “50 Shades of Maple Glen.”

Someone was looking for a new home in the suburbs and stumbled upon this stunning listing. At first, it seemed like the ideal place

Image credits: realtor

“Oh. Nice large suburban home. Cool…”

Image credits: realtor

“Wow that kitchen!”

Image credits: realtor

“Nice natural light…fireplace..normal real estate listing…”

Image credits: realtor

“Cool a bedroom….weird bed but ok…”

Image credits: realtor


Image credits: realtor

“Is that…”

Image credits: realtor

“Could it be?”

Image credits: realtor

“Pretty sure we’ve got a….”

Image credits: realtor


Image credits: realtor

Naturally, people started digging around on the internet for more photos of the place

Image credits: maisonxs

‘Sexy mood lighting’ to give the basement the right atmosphere

Image credits: maisonxs

Woa that wooden X in the corner looks like it might tip over if you get too crazy

Image credits: maisonxs

They even provide you with you with an array of sex toys on the wall talk about fully furnished indeed

Image credits: maisonxs

Image credits: maisonxs

A wooden doll posed in the right position in case you weren’t sure how to use this one

Image credits: maisonxs

Image credits: maisonxs

Image credits: maisonxs

Image credits: maisonxs

People on the internet loved the house and found the whole story very entertaining

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Hilary Duff & Boyfriend Matthew Koma Reportedly ‘Scare’ Off Intruder Trying To Rob Their Home! – Perez Hilton

Do NOT mess with the Duff.

A thief’s attempts to rob the Beverly Hills home of Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Matthew Koma were squandered by the couple after they reportedly managed to “scare” him away!

According to TMZ, the actress and musician were at home in their kitchen on Tuesday night at around 8:30 p.m when they “noticed a man lurking around their backyard.”

The parents reportedly managed to scare away the intruder before calling the police. When officials showed up to conduct a perimeter check, they discovered a window screen had been removed.

A source told the outlet that police have dispatched extra patrols around the area and are continuing to search for the intruder, who is still “on the loose.”

Though the would-be burglar never made it inside the house, the removal of the screen suggests he was certainly planning on entering at some point. So, it’s a good thing the couple snapped into action — especially since isn’t the first time the former Disney darling’s home has been targeted.

In July 2017, burglars realized Hilary was away when they saw her posting about a family vacation on social media. They broke into her home and stole about six-figures worth of jewelry, leaving the Lizzie McGuire star “shaken” by the incident.

Hilary poses for a selfie with her son Luca. / © Hilary Duff/Instagram

But this time around, the mother-of-two was home — and she was apparently ready to defend it! 

The couple were most likely with their four-month-old baby daughter Banks and Hilary’s 7-year-old son Luca, so it’s not surprising to hear they were in full protection mode. It’s not clear exactly how they managed to scare off the intruder, but we assume it played out something like this:

The actress doesn’t even appear to be all that bothered by the incident. The next day, she was spotted in Studio City, Los Angeles getting an iced coffee with her sister Haylie Duff, looking relaxed and without a care in the world.

We guess the 31-year-old is just too busy to lose sleep over another break-in attempt. In recent weeks, Duff has been splitting her time between El Lay and New York while filming the sixth season of her comedy Younger.

Photo: Hilary Recreates Rachel McAdams’ Breast Pump Fashion Shoot!

She also has a new movie coming out where she plays Sharon Tate, Hollywood actress and Charles Manson‘s most famous victim. Duff plays the titular character in The Haunting of Sharon Tate, which puts a home invasion spin on the actress’ murder.

The thriller hasn’t been released yet, but critics are already accusing it of exploiting a real life tragedy.

Clearly, Hil has much scarier enemies afoot than some pesky home intruder.

[Image via WENN]

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Being Healthier Is So Much Easier When…. – Perez Hilton

Today is gonna be a great day!!!

We just opened up our SUNFARE and saw that we got healthy pancakes AND turkey sausage for breakfast!!! Being healthy begins and ends in the kitchen!!!

Super focused the next two weeks before we go to Vegas for Robbie Williams and then Miami with the fam for spring break!!

Slow and steady!

Life isn’t a sprint! It’s not a marathon either. It’s an obstacle course – with mud! You just gotta accept that you’re gonna get dirty and surrender to the difficulty and the FUN!!!

Thankfully, SUNFARE makes it much easier!!!

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Civil rights legend George Lakey on how progressives can win

Lakey was involved in some of the greatest protests of the 20th century. Now, he says, there is a chance to reverse the rights decades-long power grab

Its heavy out there. Neo-nazism is on the rise. The gap between rich and poor grows ever larger. Protections for women, people of colour, LGBTQ people and immigrants are under attack. Meanwhile, the planet is simultaneously freezing and burning. Yet George Lakey couldnt be more optimistic.

The civil rights legend bounces around his kitchen in suburban Philadelphia as the icy winds whistle outside. Its a huge opportunity. Huge, he grins, waving his long arms inside his cosy cardigan. I am grateful that, at age 81, I am around and vigorous enough to be able to participate in the political process because this is, in my judgment, the biggest opportunity for major change, in my country, in my lifetime. A bigger opportunity than the 60s and 70s.

Lakey should know. An activist from the age of 12, the sociologist and writer has been manning the barricades for close to 70 years. For an unfailingly polite Quaker, he has quite a rap sheet. He was first arrested in 1963 while protesting in the USs segregated south, and was most recently arrested in 2018 at a rally demanding more green energy. There have been a lot of arrests in between. He helped sail a ship to Vietnam filled with supplies for peace activists during the Vietnam war, led peacekeeping workshops in South Africa with the African National Congress during apartheid, acted as an unarmed bodyguard for human rights defenders in Sri Lanka and has campaigned for same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights.

Lakey in Myanmar in 1990. Photograph: Courtesy of George Lakey

To help a new generation of activists, Lakey has just published How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning. Its a step-by-step guide to the methods and campaigns that have led to progressive change, and an update to A Manual for Direct Action, a handbook for activists he published in 1965. Activist friends had told him they need a guide to help the teens in Florida demanding gun control, Black Lives Matter protesters, trans rights activists and the rainbow coalition of insurgencies that have sprung up in reaction to Donald Trump and the rise of the new right.

He said he didnt want to do it, then completed it in five months. Now he is off on a 20-state tour to promote it, as he did for his 2016 book, Viking Economics, which put forward the Nordic countries as a model for a better world.

Not since the 1960s has there been a better chance for real progressive change, says Lakey, and there are some strong parallels. The 60s and 70s were also highly polarised, he says. It saw a rebirth of the American Nazi party; the Ku Klux Klan was riding high. National Rifle Association memberships statistics rose enormously. It was a very big time for the right and for the extreme left.

Polarisation, instead of making a society stuck, seems to heat up society and makes it more volatile. And so that means a lot of ugliness comes to the surface, a lot of violence, a lot of nastiness. And at the same time, the sheer volatility enables us to make major changes that otherwise cannot be made.

Lakey hopes that it will be possible to roll back a decades-long power grab by the economic elites that began under Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and other rightwing politicians.

The crushing of the unions and the rise and rise of big money put progressives on the defensive, he says. That was a big mistake: instead of pushing for more, they hunkered down to protect what they had. And they lost. Its counter to folk wisdom, which says the best defence is offence. Its counter to what any general would tell you. Its counter to what Gandhi would say. He was constantly talking to his people about why they must stay on the offensive.

Part of the problem, Lakey believes, is that in the US in particular many of these issues, from womens rights to labour and the environment, were being taken up by the Democratic party, which is clueless strategically and whose big-picture thinking has also come to be dominated by the economic elite.

One notable cause that wasnt picked up by mainstream politics until recently was LGBTQ rights. Even Barack Obama was against same-sex marriage before 2012. The Democrats didnt want to touch us with a 10ft pole, Lakey says. Politicians betrayed their friends and their own convictions because it was toxic politically to associate themselves with the gay cause.

But LGBTQ people, Lacey believes, benefited from their independence, which allowed them to campaign outside the system. That campaign, outlined in detail in his book, and the fight against nuclear power offer two examples of how progressives can win. Realisable goals, nonviolent protests, targeted campaigns, remaining true to your values history has lessons to teach us, he says. His biggest fear is that we may not want to listen. We have a profound dislike of learning from our own history, he says.

There is plenty to learn from Lakeys personal history. Born in 1937 into a slate mining family in Bangor, Pennsylvania, he was briefly marked out as a potential child preacher. That was a big deal, equivalent to being a piano prodigy or something, he says. And his working-class community were excited about the celebrity his calling might bring to their church.

At the age of 12 he was asked to give his first sermon. He prayed and prayed for a subject. The message I got was to preach about it being Gods will that there be racial equality, he says, smiling broadly. In total innocence, I preached that, hoping that people would be delighted and proud of me, and say: Oh, this boy has the makings of a preacher. The all-white congregation disagreed. His words were greeted with silent disapproval. It was the end of his preaching career.

At university, he decided it was time to find a new church and joined the Quakers. But the pacifism proved problematic. My family was very pro-military, he says. I didnt want to be a pacifist. Especially after I realised my gayness. One thing was enough. A year later, having read everything that he could find about pacifism, for and against, Lakey was a pacifist, too.

I just was so driven by not only a heart that said killing another person is just plain, fundamentally wrong, but also the pragmatic arguments that came about from the extraordinary successes that I found in history when people boldly tried nonviolence and it worked, he says.

And then there was Lakeys sexuality. At university he had met, fallen in love with and married a Norwegian foreign student. I already knew that I was strongly attracted to men, but I was strongly attracted to her. And so I married her telling her that, telling her about my attraction to men. I was in the closet. Nearly everyone was in those days.

Lakey in the 1970s. Photograph: Courtesy of George Lakey

By the early 1970s, the couple decided their situation was untenable. We were being put on a pedestal and I wouldnt have been there if they knew I was gay. We had adopted cross-racially, these cute black children. And we were living in this rough neighbourhood. So here were these wonderful, urban-pioneer idealist Quakers, you know, with the biracial family and the international family. And we were cute!

The Lakeys decided he had to come out. The reaction was everything they expected. The pedestal was removed and Lakeys guest-speaker spots dried up.

Things have changed hugely thanks to activists, he says. But this is no time for complacency. Society may seem more accepting, but I dont trust it, he adds.

Which is why he believes now is the time for action. Were dealing with thousands of years of oppression. How fast do societies really change their ways? he says. Germany looked amazingly progressive in the 20s, in the Weimar period, right? With a very strong gay liberation movement and a lot of intellectual work being done. Berlin was celebrated by Christopher Isherwood. And then, of course, the gay people were sent to concentration camps.

Its not like Im predicting [Nazi] Germany, but I think the movement still has a lot of work to do. I think as long as there are so many gay teenagers killing themselves, we have a lot of work to do.

And, again, Lakey is full of hope that change is possible. That doesnt mean that Im not enormously sad about the ugliness that goes with it. I cry over the morning newspaper in the kitchen. Its highly distressing to me that we have to be so hard on each other, that we project our pain upon others And yet to overlook the opportunity is to just experience the pain. And that would be a tremendous defeat on our part.

George Lakeys How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning is published by Melville House

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Baked cod, miso and bok choy: unpacking Japan’s healthy school lunches

Japans state-run kyushoku system combines flavour with fresh ingredients and high nutritional value at low cost

The list of dishes reads like a health-conscious menu at an upmarket cafe: mackerel cooked in miso, a light salad of daikon radish and sour plum, thinly sliced pickled vegetables and a selection of fresh fruit. But the restaurant is actually a classroom at Konan primary school in central Japan, where the pupils need only the gentlest encouragement to eat their greens.

When the Guardian visited the school in the Pacific coastal city of Fukuroi, the classroom, momentarily transformed into a lunchtime cafeteria, reverberated to a chorus of Itadakimasu a polite Japanese term for lets eat.

On the menu today is baked cod, sauted sweet corn and bok choy, minestrone soup, a small carton of milk and, as a Friday treat, a slightly less wholesome combination of white bread with a soy-based chocolate cream a challenge to spread evenly on the bread with chopsticks.

The portions are modest, but then so is the total calorie count 667 kcal for a meal that will sustain the 11-year-old children until they get home.

Something different every day

Konan is not the only school in Japan producing a range of lunches or kyushoku that combine flavour with fresh ingredients and contain levels of iron, calcium and fibre stipulated by a government-run programme for children attending kindergarten through to the end of junior high school.

The kyushoku system was introduced in the 1950s to ensure that children did not have experience the dietary privations of the immediate postwar years. More than seven decades on, the programme is credited with contributing to Japans impressive life expectancy, and child and adult obesity levels that are among the lowest in the OECD group of nations.

Lunch served to 11-year-olds at Konan primary school: bok choy and sauted sweet corn, baked cod, minestrone soup, milk, white bread and soy-based chocolate spread. Photograph: Justin McCurry/The Guardian

Local officials refer to their school meals as the healthiest in a country with one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. It is no empty boast: last year Fukuroi won a World Health Organization best practice award for promoting healthy dietary habits among schoolchildren, with the help of local producers.

The citys school lunch centres prepare and send out more than 10,000 lunches to kindergartens, primary and junior high schools every day. Most of the meals are inspired by Japanese cuisine, with the occasional inclusion of Chinese, Korean and European dishes. Parents pay 250 (1.70) a meal, about half of what they cost to make, with the local government contributing the rest.

We devise the monthly menu so that there is something different every day, says Koji Ishizuka, the manager of the school lunch division at the citys board of education. And each month differs depending on whats in season.

In 2005, the government took its school lunch programme a step further by requiring school boards to educate children about the provenance and composition of their lunches.

As the children at Konan tuck into lunch, Mihoko Kobayashi, one of two nutrition educators in Fukuroi, tells them where the bok choy they are eating was grown and why, despite clear reservations among some pupils, they should eat every last morsel.

Please remember that a lot of people were involved in preparing your lunch, she says. Especially when you come across a vegetable you think you wont like.

The joy of no choice

The bok choy converts have Toshiyuki Suzuki to thank for a portion of their lunch. The local farmer sends 4 tonnes of the leafy vegetable to Fukuroi schools every year. Freshness is absolutely essential, he says. The vegetables I sell commercially have to go through a distribution system, but I sell directly to schools, so the vegetables the kids are eating are the freshest around.

Working closely with the citys board of education, Suzuki and other farmers in the area have helped push the proportion of locally grown vegetables in school meals from just over 13 % in 2012 to almost 32% last year.

Children generally acquire their long-term eating habits by the time theyre 10, so thats why we think school lunches are so important, says Ishizuka. The results of regular health checks on the children are generally good, and we believe school lunches have something to do with that.

Since its inception, the kyushoku programme has been taken up by almost all primary schools and about 80% of junior high schools, according to education officials.

Ingredients in school meals are locally grown Photograph: Brown/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

Dr Atsushi Miyawaki, a health policy specialist at Tokyo Universitys graduate school of medicine, says removing choice from the menu and banning packed lunches are the most remarkable features of the programme.

It offers a uniform menu to all children in each school five days a week, unlike the cafeteria-style school lunches often found in the US and UK, Miyawaki says. That means the children have no choice regarding menu items, or whether to eat school lunch or bring it from home.

That helps avoid an imbalance in nutritional intakes. And the lack of choice can help hide disparities in the childrens socioeconomic background that may be evident in packed lunches.

The lunch break is coming to an end for year 5, class 3. There is not a single leftover vegetable or cod flake to be seen, supporting staff claims that the children eat 95% of the food theyre given. A quick survey of the Guardians dining companions reveals, unsurprisingly, that the bread with chocolate spread is a big hit.

The lunch monitors load trays of empty plates on to trolleys and wheel them to the kitchen while their classmates file out to complete the final task of their days food education: brushing their teeth.

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Every part of this fully functional electric motorbike was 3D printed

Unlike its older brother, the super-fast G12, Greyp G6 looks and feels like a regular mountain e-bike.

Image: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

How smart can a bike get? 

The Greyp G6, a battery-powered bicycle launched Friday, March 15, provides a new answer to that question. It raises the bar for every other e-bike manufacturer with a ton of original features that turn the bike into a powerful, high-tech gadget. 

Over the weekend, I got the chance to try out the G6 on the beautiful trails of Croatia’s island Brač. Turns out, it’s also incredibly fun to ride.

Greyp is a sister company of Croatian hypercar maker Rimac Automobili, and the two share a lot of the same DNA. Neither company is interested in doing something that’s been done before, and both build high-end products that may not be for everyone, but will surely make every tech geek’s eyes light up. 

Greyp’s first bike, the G12, was launched in 2013, and it was an entirely different animal. Half electric motorcycle and half e-bike, it was speedy and powerful — so much, in fact, that it wasn’t exactly street-legal in the same way a regular bicycle is. 

The G6 comes in three flavors — G6.1, G6.2, and G6.3. It’s definitely an electric bicycle, of the mountain bike (eMTB) variety. But it, too, has a duality that makes it hard to categorize, simply because there aren’t many (or any) similar bikes around. 

Greyp’s detachable battery and motor are integrated in a way that doesn’t make the bike feel clunky.

Image: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

On one hand, the G6 is a high-end mountain e-bike with a 250W MPF motor and a 700mAh battery that provides additional power as you hit the pedals, but it never just drives itself like a motorcycle does. It has some of the best components imaginable, including a carbon fiber-reinforced frame, an enduro-oriented dual suspension with 150mm of travel and top RockShox parts, and SRAM EX1 shifters, cassette, and chain, to name a few. If you don’t recognize these components, suffice to say that you’ll find them on the best enduro and all-mountain bikes. See full specs for the three Greyp models here

Everything and the kitchen sink

You may have seen similar electric bikes from companies such as Giant, Cannondale, and Specialized, but this is where the similarities end. First, Greyp drew from Rimac’s battery expertise to build its own custom battery, providing some 100 kilometers (62 miles) of range. Based on the short time I’ve spent with the bike, it’s hard to judge how much of an advantage over other brands this is. But having seen Rimac’s battery assembly plant, and given the fact that the company provides battery expertise and parts for some of the world’s fastest supercars, I’d say these folks know their battery tech. One other detail makes the G6 different from many competitors: The battery is visible (as opposed to being built into the frame) and easily detachable; you charge it at home with Greyp’s own custom charger. 

But the biggest difference between Greyp G6 and most other e-bikes is that instead of relying on added sensors and smartphone smarts to provide extra functionality, the G6 has all of that built in. The bike has a GPS chip, a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, and even a barometric pressure sensor. It has two wide-angle, 1080p cameras (front and rear). It has a 3-inch TFT screen, designed to be readable in sunlight, with a 240×400 pixel resolution for showing basic info such as battery life and speed. Connectivity-wise, the bike’s equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a USB-C port. Most importantly, it’s constantly connected to the internet via a built-in e-SIM, with Greyp covering the data costs until at least 2022. 

Once you connect the phone with the bike, Greyp’s companion app offers tons of info, including a dashboard with ride info, navigation, “fitness” mode, and a front/rear camera video stream.


If you think that sounds like a specs list for a smartphone instead of a bike, well, you’re right, it kinda does. I’ve checked numerous competitors, and I haven’t found an e-bike that has all these features, even on pricier models (though the G6 itself isn’t cheap; more on that later). 

While the bike is fully functional as is — basic functions are accessible via rugged, waterproof buttons on the left handle — the real fun starts when you connect a smartphone and place it in a special cradle on top of the built-in screen. Then, you start Greyp’s companion app (Android-only, for now; iOS support is coming this year) and get features such as navigation, a live video feed from front or rear camera (seeing what’s behind you can be really handy sometimes), or detailed info about your ride. You can even put a built-in heart rate sensor on your wrist (it comes with the bike) and set the bike to provide more power when your heart rate goes up and less when it goes down, keeping you in that fat-burning sweet spot all the time. 

Yeah, this thing is clever. 

It doesn’t end there. When it’s not plugged into the bike (the bike’s battery charges the phone, so no need to worry about your phone dying), the G6’s smartphone app turns into a sort of remote control for the bike. If someone’s touching your bike, for example, you’ll be notified. You will then be able to remotely warn them via a text message on the bike’s screen, take a photo through the bike’s cameras, or disable it completely and track its location through the G6. 

Between the bike itself and the companion app, the list of features is too long to name them all. Still more are coming, as the bike’s software can be updated with over-the-air (OTA) updates. But enough lists. 

Turning a beginner into a pro

Unlike some prototypes we’ve seen, the Greyp G6 is a finished product that can be pre-ordered now and will start shipping to customers in a month or two. I had the rare opportunity to actually test it out right after launch, on a variety of terrain and in two different configurations — the G6.2 and the most powerful variant, the G6.3. 

The equipment on the Greyp G6 is top-notch.

Image: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

As a pure mountain e-bike, the G6 is just loads of fun. If you’ve never ridden a pedelec e-bike — one that assists you while pedaling instead of just driving you like a motorbike — you should know that it has two important traits. First, yes, it makes the ride easier by helping you out during those nasty uphill climbs. If you’re not very experienced or just can’t handle a climb on a regular bike, the G6’s motor will make you feel like a pro by providing just as much power as you need. 

But if you are experienced and are looking for a challenge, the e-bike won’t turn you soft and lazy. You can ride as hard as you like and break a serious sweat, but the difference will be that, compared to a regular bike, the G6 will help you cover more distance. On a normal bike, 20 miles on rough terrain with a solid amount of elevation would be a long, painful ride for me. On the G6, I was blasting through the finish line. In fact, a couple months with this bike, and I bet I’d be testing the G6’s nominal 62-mile range, which would take me years to achieve on a regular bike. Note that once the battery’s depleted, the G6 becomes a perfectly capable regular mountain bike, so no problems there. 

The G6 excels on rough roads. It’s got wide, off-roady tires and a sturdy frame that make the bike feel incredibly stable. With the help of the electric motor, I was easily conquering terrain that’d be a real challenge on a regular bike. Often I felt more confident at high speeds than I usually am; that could mean I’ve suddenly become a better rider, but it’s far more probable that the bike is just fine-tuned well. On an asphalt road, I didn’t mind those rugged tires; again, with the electric motor I was easily achieving good speeds, perhaps not comparable to a road bike, but still fast enough for my liking. I’ve tested both the mid-range G6.2 and the most powerful G6.3 variant, and honestly, both had plenty of power. I’ve also tried turning the power assistance off completely during a steep climb — and I very quickly realized that I’m not in the shape this bike made me feel I’m in. 

The brakes, shifters, and suspension all performed admirably on both bikes I’ve tested. The G6.3 has slightly better parts than the G6.2, but it’s all high-end stuff that’s far better than anything I usually ride. One cool feature was the ability to change the seat height with a switch, mid-ride. The control buttons for the bike’s smart features seemed sturdy enough to me, though using them while riding over rough terrain wasn’t always easy. 

Tech platform for the future

With the G6, the ride itself is just half the fun. I also enjoyed fidgeting with the extra features provided by the smartphone app. Some, like navigation, were most useful during a break. While riding, I mostly had the camera on, because it’s just so cool to have an HD stream of your ride in front of you. And you can record it to your phone at any time. 

Greyp G6 has a built-in front and rear camera, both with 1080p resolution.


There were a few bugs. Sometimes, the video stream would lag considerably, and sometimes, the app crashed — but those issues were only present on an older, Galaxy S8+ Android model, which happened to be installed on the bike I was testing. This is made worse by the somewhat odd decision to place the phone cradle so that the phone covers the bike’s built-in screen. If the phone app dies, you lose access to all the info about the bike and the ride (plus, as a tech geek, I just like the idea of being able to see two screens at the same time). 

The next day, the Greyp crew outfitted me with a different bike that sported a newer Android phone, and I had no issues during a 45-minute ride. Some parts of the trails had a poor 3G signal, which was also an issue for the always-connected G6. I’ve spoken to the folks at Greyp; they’re aware of these issues and are working to fix them before the product reaches end users. 

The most interesting aspect of the bike, however, are the features yet to come. Some, like the possibility of getting a one-minute video replay (useful in case of crash) are nearly there, but aren’t fully implemented. And some, like gamification and racing against other riders, I didn’t get to test. But the possibilities of this platform are truly endless. Notifications if you stray off path and fall out of your group? Bad weather warnings? Music streaming? With the tech this bike has, it’s all possible. 

Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

You could take a regular bike, add some third-party gizmos, and create some sort of makeshift version of the G6. Use a phone for the info screen, a helmet cam for video recording, a sports watch for the measurements, and stick a bunch of sensors on the bike. But it will never work as well as it does when the cameras, the sensors, and the connectivity are all built into the bike itself.

Greyp G6’s tech platform may not be fully perfected, but it sets a high bar for future bikes that call themselves smart.


The truth is, once you get used to it — and you do get used to it fast — you start to wonder why other e-bikes don’t have these features. Mate Rimac, the CEO and founder of both Greyp and Rimac Automobili, tells me the secret is simple. “We’re an engineering company first. Innovation comes before everything else. We aren’t looking to build another bike, we’re looking to see where can we take the idea of the bike.”

I really do believe we’ll see these sorts of smart features on e-bikes more and more. After all, when you have that big, juicy battery, why not have it power a bunch things instead of just helping the bike move forward?

There’s another reason why all e-bikes aren’t as advanced as this, though, and it’s the price. Starting at 6,499 euros ($7,359), the G6.1 is not cheap. The G6.2 costs 6,999 euros ($7,925), and the G6.3 costs 7,499 euros ($8,491). 

While the prices may be eye-watering for someone used to regular bikes in the sub-$1,000 price range, when you compare apples to apples, Greyp’s pricing makes sense. Comparably equipped e-bikes from big bike brands like Specialized and Cannondale are priced similarly, and they don’t have all the features that Greyp has. 

The Greyp G6 can be ordered now from Greyp’s website, and should be hitting dealers in Europe over the next months. 

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30 Of The Best Responses To #Trashtag Challenge (New Pics)

We recently had the pleasure of sharing a really positive and useful social media challenge for once, the #Trashtag Challenge. Instead of the usual dumb and damaging crap like tide pods and people walking around blindfolded, this challenge encourages people to go out with their gloves and some trash bags, and clean up a polluted area.

Since our previous post a few days ago, the challenge has spread even further and gone truly global. Perhaps this is how we eventually manage to do something about climate change before it’s too late? It turns out that we can foster a community spirit, get off our butts and make positive change for our environment, we just need to be challenged to post pics of it on social media. Problem solved!

Scroll down to check out even more inspiring pics of people getting their hands dirty and cleaning up, and let us know what you think in the comments!


The #Trashtag challenge offers a refreshing new take on the social media challenge, with many previous iterations simply being a platform for people to show off while doing useless or destructive acts. The one most referenced is the Tidepod challenge, which caused much moral outrage and disbelief over the stupidity of those who took part.

The was also the cinnamon challenge, where people had to film themselves eating a spoon of powdered cinnamon, which can be dangerous if inhaled.

And of course there was the hot water challenge, where kids are encouraged to either drink boiling water through a straw, or pour the boiling water on a friend. One child died as a result of this challenge, and it makes you wonder what kind of people come up with these idiotic ideas that endanger the most vulnerable in our society.


Our kids from the Karavia Children Village rocked the #trashtagchallenge yesterday! What a great action and exemple for the neighborhood


One of the biggest #trashtag of 2019. Manila Bay Philippines clean up drive.

While it may seem new, the viral trend was originally started as the ‘Trashtag Project’ back in 2015 by UCO, a company that makes outdoor gear. The initial goal of the project was to collect 10,000 pieces of trash by October 2016. 

Outdoor website snews reported it at the time, writing “The UCO #TrashTag Project was conceived by UCO People ambassador, Steven Reinhold, during a period of guilt after his receipt from a self-indulgent shopping spree flew out the window.Haunted by this inadvertent littering episode, Reinhold vowed to gather 100 pieces of trash during his road trip – and he did. Returning home from his adventure, Reinhold pitched an expansion of his vision to the UCO team, and the movement began.”


Over 8,000 cigarettes picked off the street to be recycled


This #trashtag is really kicking off here in Nepal. I wish this doesn’t die out and become a normal day-to-day thing


 We Made A Trash Snowman At A Beach Cleanup In Taiwan!


While the original #trashtag challenge was a moderate success, used over 20,000 times since 2015, it really took off this month after Arizona man Byron Roman posted photos of Algerian Drici Tani Younes. The first one showed Younes surrounded by garbage and then a second one had him standing in the same place behind nine filled trash bags. Roman suggested this would be the perfect “new challenge for all you bored teens,” and it simply took off from there. Now it’s a truly global phenomenon!


This woman has dedicated the last year and a half of her life to cleaning up polluted coasts, way before #trashtag was a thing. Currently, she is in Central America continuing her efforts. More people like this deserve recognition


Living Lands & Waters cleaned up 14,353lbs of trash from the Mississippi River (in Memphis) just yesterday! 


I can’t change the world but I totally changed mine


Okeanos Foundation for the Sea doing our part for #trashtag


The #TrashTag Challenge is an excellent reminder of how cleanliness can enable communities and the environment to Rise.

Watch how Mahindra employees came together for a cleaner country here


before & after 

#trashtag challenge is one of the social media hashtags worth time and effort. 

It urges people to pick a place filled with litter, clean it up, and post before and after pictures.

Volunteers have made beaches, parks and roads trash-free while raising awareness of the quantity of plastic litter we produce. Here is mine – Manchester’s Mirabel Street. During strong winds and after events at Manchester’s Arena our little corner gets a full blast of litter droped by passing by people.

I hope in no time we will transform Mirabel Street into the cleanest street in Manchester


Everyday hundreds of youth are cleaning up the country. This #trashtag challenge if continued in great magnitude can really help solve hundreds of environmental problems. This picture is from the students of highschool named KMC from Kathmandu, Nepal.



Make play ground a better place!


I wanted to give back to the Filipino community who has been so kind to me; I spent 6 hours at a “local’s” beach and cleaned it up a bit. I know it’s not a lot, but It’s a small way of saying “thank you.” #trashtag


I heard #trashtag is getting popular. Kiev, Ukraine


Did our part today for #trashtag while offroading in the mountains of California



Tried to do something better then nothing


One boombox, one dog bed and nine trash bags later and the woods next to my apartment building look a hundred times better. the top photos are the view from my kitchen window and now I no longer have to look at trash!


Hope more environment conscious people join this challenge for better tomorrow


Cleaning up homeless camps! #trashtag 260 kgs, only took about an hour!



We got inspired by all the other trashtag posts. Cleaned up a 3 mile section on our local trail


The KU Canterbury house decided to spend our spring break picking up trash on the streets of St. Louis!



Before and after. Makeup and clothes dumped near Moston Brook, now cleaned up


A pile of bricks by this path behind my local Walmart always bothered me. A couple years ago I got bored and made it less sh**ty. #Trashtag proves we can make the world a more beautiful place

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