The Gift That Keeps On Giving: This Girls Dad Is Still Dressed Up As Dumbledore The Week After Her Birthday, And Now His 2 Friends Are, Too

Okay, now this is totally awesome.

When 9-year-old Tracy Durham celebrated her birthday last week, her dad completely surprised her by dressing up as Dumbledore, her favorite character from the Harry Potter series. Lucky for Tracy, it looks like this is one gift that just keeps on giving, because a week after her birthday, her dad still hasn’t taken the costume off, and his two best buddies are dressed up like Dumbledore as well!

Wow! Looks like Tracy is getting the ultimate Harry Potter experience!

At Tracy’s Harry Potter-themed birthday party last week, her dad, Edgar, took the time to get dressed up in an authentic-looking Dumbledore costume, complete with floor-length purple robes and Dumbledore’s signature long, white beard. But where any average dad would let the fun stop when Tracy’s friends left at the end of the day, Edgar went above and beyond by staying in the costume all night long and even wearing it to church the next morning. Now he’s been in the costume for an entire week straight, and a couple of days ago his friends David and Jerry also showed up in full Dumbledore costumes and they’ve been milling around the house lapsing in and out of British accents ever since!

At this rate, Tracy may just have three Dumbledores hanging around her house forever!

Whether Tracy’s dad and his two friends are shooting pool together in the den, talking basketball at the kitchen table, or all shouting “Expecto Patronum!” at Tracy in unison, all three of them are doing it while sporting Dumbledore’s trademark braided white beard and half-moon spectacles. As a Harry Potter fan, Tracy’s got to be absolutely thrilled!

Yep, this is basically the coolest thing a parent and his two friends could do for a kid. Tracy just might be the luckiest girl in the world!

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