Last-Minute Tips To Look Better In Your NYE Dress

Whoever put New Year’s Eve on the calendar directly after Christmas was literally evil. Like, we just spent the past two weeks eating our weight in gingerbread cookies and drinking enough wine to get through a weekend of traveling and a shit ton of family time. And don’t even get me started on how lazy we’ve been. Aside from running to the other room when mom needed help wrapping presents, we’ve spent majority of our time under a Snuggie watching . Needless to say, we’re all not looking our best right now and the timing couldn’t be worse. Even though you can’t lose five pounds overnight, it’s not too late to make some small changes that slim you down in time for New Year’s. Here’s the game plan:

1. Take A Break from Alcohol

If you’ve been consistently drunk since Thanksgiving and don’t plan on stopping until January, first of all, respect you may want to rethink the plan. As much as we’ve needed all the vodka sodas to get us through the holiday season, taking a break for the week will do your body a huge favor. Aside from the fact that alcohol itself has a ton of calories, you always end up eating more when you’re tipsy and then you literally need to carbo-load to get rid of your hangover. By putting away the alc for at least a few days, your stomach will flatten out, you’ll feel 10 times better, and you’ll stop needing to eat three bagels and a mimosa before 11am.

2. Chug Room Temperature Water

Every health guru and wellness-related article on the internet will tell you how important it is to drink water during the holidays. With all the traveling and late nights, you’re probably dehydrated without realizing it, and filling up on water will help you stay less hungry throughout the day and digest your food more efficiently. People say room temperature water is better for your digestion, and adding a slice of lemon is even better. Try to drink a full glass before and after every meal. You’ll notice a huge difference. Like, your clothes may start fitting again.

3. Drink Ginger & Peppermint Tea

Ginger and peppermint both have a ton of health benefits and they both have anti-inflammatory properties. By drinking a glass of ginger or peppermint tea after a meal, you’ll help your body metabolize your food better and prevent any bloating. These herbs are known as digestive aids, so if you experience any indigestion that’s making you look puffy or bloated, they’ll be a huge help to your whole system. Professionals also say that peppermint helps reduce stress, which can also help prevent extra stress-eating when your cousins’ political debates are getting heated in the other room. Just saying.

4. Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

This tip doesn’t have any scientific proof behind it, but we swear by this trick because it helps prevent that extra snacking when you’re not actually hungry but have a fully stocked kitchen at your fingertips. By brushing your teeth after dinner, you’ll be less likely to grab a handful of the Hershey’s Kisses that are on the counter or munch on leftover Christmas cookies while watching TV. Everyone knows that once you brush your teeth you’re done eating for the night, so just do it earlier to save yourself from the hundreds of calories you could be mindlessly consuming after dinner. 

5. Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

We’re not saying that inflammatory foods automatically make you bloated or fat, but there has been a ton of scientific evidence showing that foods with anti-inflammatory properties make your whole system work better and help your body repair itself when you’ve been eating fried foods or tons of carbs. By eating anti-inflammatory foods like leafy greens, olive oil, nuts, and salmon, you can prevent a buildup of inflammation in your body, which will make you feel and look better. For the next few days, try to avoid processed foods or anything packed with salt and instead focus on healthy fats and fiber.

6. Do Something Active

With shitty weather and an epidemic of chronic laziness during this time, nobody wants to work out, and we’ve accepted the fact that getting to the gym is basically impossible. Like, it’s just not happening. Even though you were planning to start working out in 2018, it might not be a bad idea to get started now and burn a few extra calories before you’re drinking eight glasses of champagne on New Year’s. Get your friends to do a spin class with you after work this week or go on a run with a family member when you’re home for the weekend. It’s actually perfect quality time since you can have headphones in the whole time anyway. Works for everyone.

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