5 Star Review On The Steel Lemon Manual Press

iHomeInnovations Manual Lemon Press Gets 5 Stars

I’m very pleased with my new lemon squeezer. It is made so well. I’m sure it’ll last a lifetime! And it works great! I’ve used it for limes and lemons so far and am really impressed. It fits and feels very comfortable in my hand and while it’s heavier than the one I had, it seems to require less pressure and stress on my hand to use it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a hand held juicer. Also, the customer service was like no other I have received. Shortly after receiving my juicer, I got a very nice email from the company owner that included a PDF recipe book. I’ve already made the Margarita Cake (for my own 60th birthday) and served it to our guests and it was a huge hit!

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