6 Valuable Lessons My Childhood Best Friend Has Taught Me

I’m one of those people who are fortunate enough to say that I have someone in my life who I have been friends with since we were both 8 years old. Our friendship has been through a lot. There were times in our lives where the flame had threatened to die but somehow kept on burning, even through the seasons of our lives where we were ready to give up on each other.

Throughout the last 18 years, I have acquired many lessons just from being in her presence. Some of these lessons were useful in literal ways, and some served their purpose metaphorically. However, if not for her and all she has taught me throughout the years, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

1. When Macaroni noodles are done, they will stick to the wall when you throw them.

She is the one to thank for the graveyard of half-cooked Macaroni noodles that can now be found behind the stove in my kitchen. I like to think of these lost noodles as the people in my life who never stuck around. The ones who truly care would’ve endured the heated, messy moments of my life and accepted my troubled waters long enough to stick around in a way that mattered. Even if I tried to push them away or flick them at the wall, they would have stuck around. So shout out to her for being my bravest noodle. See what I did there?

2. Always leave the corpses of spiders on the wall after you have killed them so they can serve as a warning to other intruding spiders who think they are brave.

Let them see the fate that awaits them if they decide to cross you. The dead spiders that adorn my walls remind me that you don’t always have to cover up the evidence of the ugly things that you have overcome. Don’t cover those bags under your eyes that reveal the struggles with sleep that you had the night before. Wear them proudly. Let the world know you were strong enough to get out of bed despite your sleep deprivation, and let the Sandman know that you’re not afraid of his bitch ass and he better square up for round two, because you’re coming for him if he doesn’t come for you.

3. When shaving your legs, always go against the grain.

If you try to shave in the same direction that the hair is growing, it just isn’t going to work. The same lesson can be applied to life. If you go with the flow of everyone else, the results are going to be less impactful; less astonishing. We all want to accomplish something in our time here. Sometimes, you have to be brave and go in the opposite direction as everyone else. Not all growth looks the same or occurs in the same direction. You have to try something new. Sometimes, it’s gonna hurt. You might cut yourself; you might even bleed. In the end, the results will be worth it.

4. It is okay to change your mind on the big things in life.

At 17 years old, you could be the best babysitter the World has ever seen, but swear up and down that you never want kids. You could spend years giving dirty looks to people who tell you that you would make a great parent some day. You could have your mind set that children are not on your list of life goals. Then you can meet someone who changes your mind completely. You can decide to have kids after all and be the best parent ever, and that is okay. Life is about growing and meeting people who challenge you to see your own potential differently. You are allowed to change your mind on what will and will not make you happy. You are allowed to become someone who the teenage version of yourself would not understand. Sometimes that’s the whole point.

5. Home isn’t where, but who and what.

Home isn’t always a tangible structure. It’s the sound of Avril Lavigne’s voice and the smell of play dough. Home is the sound of two hearts frantically beating in unison while sneaking out of the house. It’s the smell of June right before sunrise. Home is the weight of unconscious rib cages against hardwood floors. It’s in the prayers against the static on the radio. Home is in the cigarette smoke and pinkie promises. It’s the voice of the other person saying, “I swear.”

6. Family isn’t defined by blood.

It isn’t about what you carry in your veins so much as it is about who you carry with you. Family isn’t in the last name. It’s in the lessons and the matching scars. Family is in the ability to say, “Remember when,” followed by, “I can’t believe we made it.” Family is the best friend who ended up becoming your sibling.


Read more: https://thoughtcatalog.com/gina-clingan/2019/10/6-valuable-lessons-my-childhood-best-friend-has-taught-me

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Warm sandwiches found at listeria death hospital

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Ian Hitchcock was being treated in hospital for cancer when he ate the sandwich

Sandwiches were kept warm in “ineffective” fridges at a hospital where a patient contracted listeria after eating one and died.

Cancer patient Ian Hitchcock, 52, died on 8 June after eating a pre-packed sandwich while he was being treated at Royal Derby Hospital.

The problems with the fridges were identified on 4 and 5 June when an environmental health officer visited.

The hospital said it has since reviewed how its food is stored on wards.

In a letter to the hospital, food safety inspector Jayne Hassall warned “high risk foods” including sandwiches were being “stored outside temperature control due to ineffective refrigerators”.

Some of the sandwiches were found to be at temperatures above 8C, which is an offence under the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013.

“This increases the risk of harmful bacteria growing within the food, especially Listeria Monocytogenes which can grow rapidly in warm temperatures and is an increased risk to vulnerable consumers,” Ms Hassall wrote.

Her accompanying report highlighted a particular danger to cancer patients, due to their weakened immune system.

Why was the hospital inspected?

Image copyright Wales News Service
Image caption Listeria infection is rare and usually causes a mild illness in healthy people

The inspection was carried out by Derby City Council at the request of the Food Standards Agency.

It was requested because of an ongoing investigation into a listeria outbreak which had at that point resulted in the deaths of three people at other hospital sites.

The death toll has since risen to six and the government has ordered a review of hospital food.

The Good Food Chain, which made the sandwich eaten by Mr Hitchcock, has been linked to the listeria outbreak.

It voluntarily ceased manufacturing on 5 June and went into liquidation at the end of the month.

What did the inspection report say?

Image caption Ian Hitchcock was being treated at the Royal Derby Hospital

The report said high risk foods such as sandwiches and prepared salads should be stored at 8C or below. However, the inspector found three fridges where the air temperature was higher than 8C. One of these was on a ward and two were in kitchens.

When the sandwiches were tested they were found to be as high as 13.1C (cheese sandwich), 11.4 C (tuna and mayonnaise) and 9.4 C (gammon ham).

The inspector wrote: “I am concerned as food poisoning bacteria, especially Listeria Monocytogenes, can rapidly grow at warm temperatures, such as the temperatures we found these sandwiches to be stored at.

“Vulnerable groups such as individuals with a weakened immune system such as cancer patients, patients undergoing immunosuppressive treatments, pregnant women and the elderly are more susceptible to developing infections as a result of Listeria bacteria.”

She told the hospital it must either replace or repair its fridges if they were not able to operate at 8C or below. She recommended the temperature be set to 5C, saying this was “good practice” for health care organisations.

How did the patient die?

Image copyright Good Food Chain
Image caption The Good Food Chain sold sandwiches under the name Good & Proper

Mr Hitchcock, from Crich in Derbyshire, was being treated at the Royal Derby Hospital after being diagnosed with liver cancer in May.

A pre-prepared sandwich made by the Good Food Chain was eaten at some point during his stay. His family believed the sandwich was contaminated.

He died on 8 June after being transferred to Nottingham City Hospital, and “systemic listeria infection” was found to be a contributing factor in his death.

His full cause of death has been recorded by the coroner as “1a liver failure” and “1b metastatic sigmoid adenocarcinoma and systemic listeria infection”.

The hospital has not given any details on where Mr Hitchcock’s sandwich was stored, but this is expected to be explored when a full inquest is held into Mr Hitchcock’s death.

What has the hospital said?

The hospital said it could not comment specifically on Mr Hitchcock’s care until the inquest into his death had concluded.

Executive chief nurse Cathy Winfield said: “As you would expect, regardless of the fact that the suspected source of the listeria was an external sandwich provider, our response was to review the facilities for patient food storage across our hospitals.

“This review, in conjunction with the council’s environmental health officers and independent reviewers commissioned by ourselves, found a number of improvements that should be made.

“This includes tighter restrictions on the storage of sandwiches and other high risk foods, revised ward kitchen temperature monitoring and new equipment, including fridges.

“We take our responsibility for food safety and hygiene very seriously and have made improvements in all of these areas.”

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Influencer accuses Lisa Frank of stealing apartment design, says that’s why she’s getting evicted

Instagram influencer Amina Mucciolo (Studio Mucci or tasselfairy) is not only accusing renowned designer Lisa Frank and Hotels.com of stealing her whimsical apartment design but is also claiming they are the reason behind her eviction.

I just want to understand wheres [sic] shes coming from, and why this happened this way. I would like her to admit that she used my work, that she saw my place and wanted to do the same thing,Mucciolo said inan email to the Daily Dot.

//cdn.connatix.com/min/connatix.renderer.infeed.min.js googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘inline_1’); });


The Lisa Frank Flat, a pop-up rental, sold out within an hour of the reservation opening on Friday via Hotels.com, USA Today reported.

Its billed to evoke 90s nostalgia with its Lisa Frank-themethe same one that decorated all your favorite school supplies as a childpermeating the apartments decor. Yet many fans are noticing similarities to Mucciolos work.

Mucciolos apartment design has been made very public. She created YouTube videos about it and Instagrammed it as far back as its inception in 2017. The apartments virality has also been the source of several articles.

Many tagged Mucciolos Instagram account in the comments section of Franks Instagram account, according to screenshots shared by Jezebel.

//cdn.connatix.com/min/connatix.renderer.infeed.min.js googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘inline_2’); });


When the Daily Dot reviewed the same photo on Franks Instagram account Monday, there were allegations that Frank was deleting comments.


They stole this design from tasselfairy. Every time someone post about it they erase it but you can go to her page and her YouTube and see her well-documented design, one user wrote.

In a YouTube video posted on Saturday, Mucciolo detailed the similarities between Franks space and her own, highlighting that the kitchens are especially similar.

Biggest similarity is the kitchen, Mucciolo says at the beginning of the nearly 30-minute long video. Its the same layout as our kitchen Its impossible for the similarity to not be drawn.

Her subscribers seem to agree with her.The kitchen is soo obvious!!! one commenter wrote under Franks Instagram photo.

Later in the video, Mucciolo claims her landlord is now trying to evict her because of the Frank flat. Mucciolo says she sometimes pays rent late due tomental health issues, but her landlordalways accommodated every late payment.

This last time we needed to pay late but were refused, she says.

The apartments are within the same development, and she says they want the Frank flat to be a one of its kind.

My landlord is evicting me so that they can capitalize on having my idea and recreate with Lisa Frank [and] Hotels.com and have people stay there instead of having a tenant with that kind of space, she says. And basically by them evicting me they know that theyll be the only people [with] a place that looks like this.

She also posted photos of the two apartments side-by-side on Instagram.


Hotels.com addressed the allegation by responding to one ofMucciolos tweets.

We love that you appreciate colorful design as much we we [sic] do, but this flat was curated exclusively with Lisa Franks iconic signature prints & characters. It was custom built for the two-week pop-up room at a short-term rental unit owned by one of our partners, Hotels.com wrote in the first tweet.

Update 7:59pm CT,Oct. 14: AHotels.com spokesperson told the Daily Dot that Mucciolo was not getting evicted because of the flat.

The Hotels.com Lisa Frank Flat was inspired solely by Lisa Frank and designed in partnership with Lisa Frank using her iconic signature prints and characters, many of which were originally developed in the 80s and 90s. The flat was created for a two-week pop-up in a space that is used only as a short-term rental and no tenant was asked to move or leave for this collaboration, the spokesperson said in a statement.


Mucciolostarted a GoFundMe to raise money so that she can pay for legal defense and find a new place to live. She has raised nearly $13,000 of her $20,000 goal from over500 people in just a day.

According to the GoFundMe, Mucciolos landlord refused to accept our rent payment. We begged and pleaded to try to see if there was anything that could be done, because we didnt understand. When we tried they threatened us and they demanded that we leave immediately or they would make things very difficult for us.

She also said that the Frank flatis owned by the same people trying to evict us.

When a large company that has a huge voice uses your work and does something like that it feels like theyre trying erase what Ive done and my art, Mucciolo told the Daily Dot. Its all I really have and honestly I feel so connected to the things I create, it feels like theyre trying to erase me.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lisa Frank and Hotels.com.

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Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/amina-mucciolo-lisa-frank-design/

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Muy raises $15M to grow its new cloud kitchen concept

The cloud kitchen craze has reached Latin America. Food tech startup Muy landed a fresh $15 million Series B to expand into Mexico and soon Brazil. The service is currently operative in Colombia. 

Muy is a “cloud kitchen meets Chipotle,” says one investor. The company describes itself as a virtual kitchen and smart chef system that uses AI to produce food based on forecasts of demand, which can help to reduce food waste. Muy, translated from Spanish to English as “very,” allows users to place personalized orders in one of Muy’s physical restaurants or through a mobile app. Muy’s concept also exists as 20 physical dining locations offering what it says are quick, fresh and personalized dishes. Founder Jose Calderon says Muy is serving more than 200,000 dishes per month. 

The round was led by Mexico-based investor ALLVP, with previous investor Seaya returning. The $15 million Series B brings MUY’s total funding to $20.5 million.

Calderon is no newcomer to the takeaway experience space. He previously raised $47.7 million for a Colombian online food ordering startup called Domicilios, which he exited to Delivery Hero

The explosion of delivery apps has kept options competitive for customers not only in the U.S. but across Latin America. The congested highways of São Paulo, Mexico City, Bogotá and beyond are filled with motor couriers running deliveries with Rappi, UberEATS and the like.  

Calderon notes that cloud kitchens are poised to make on-demand ordering and delivery more efficient in these high-density cities due to the long commute times that keep the growing middle class out of their homes for extended periods of 12 hours or more.


A MUY customer orders at one of the company’s physical locations in Colombia

Alternatives like full service restaurants can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming, and traditional casual restaurants don’t meet quality standards. A large part of the market, around 40%, brings a lunch to work, says Calderon. But as disposable income increases, he predicts that more people will avoid cooking at home and will opt for faster and higher-quality options like Muy.

Cloud kitchens — the fully equipped, shared, commercial grade spaces for restaurant owners — have left U.S. investors balking. Journalists have described these virtual spaces as “ghost kitchens” and many have noted the threat they pose to independently owned restaurants. My colleague Danny Crichton wrote that “cloud kitchens are the WeWork for restaurant kitchens,” adding that suddenly sharable kitchen space will lead to bidding wars between these virtual food brands.  

This rhetoric isn’t hindering the rise of cloud kitchens and the services that support them from launching in the U.S. and down to Latin America. According to Calderon, the food service market opportunity in Latin America will reach $270 billion by 2021.

The founder also notes that the Latin America market is highly fragmented; the top 10 chains only hold around 5% of market share in comparison to countries like the U.S. where this figure reaches 24%. “Large players will consolidate and win, and small ones will face pressure,” he says. 

Larger incumbents have already begun to dip into the cloud kitchen opportunity. Earlier this year, Amazon took a $575 million bite into Deliveroo, which opened its first shared kitchen in Paris in 2018. City Storage Systems, the holding company of CloudKitchens, was backed with a $150 million controlling stake from Uber founder and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick. 

For better or worse, delivery apps and cloud kitchens are revolutionizing the way we eat in the U.S., Asia and now in Latin America. The winners among the various global delivery apps, cloud kitchens and controlling incumbents have yet to emerge, but what we do know is that everyone needs to eat lunch.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/30/muy-raises-15m-to-grow-its-new-cloud-kitchen-concept/

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Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Is Coming Back Soon, So Mark Your Calendar

Courtesy of Popeyes

Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Is Coming Back Soon, So Mark Your Calendar

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. Well, at least everyone who was bringing their own bun to create a chicken sandwich when Popeyes infamously ran out of its new menu item will be happy to hear the good news. The fried chicken creation was so popular that restaurants were unable to keep up with demand. Lucky for us, though, Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich is coming back soon, so there’s no longer a need to BYOB(un).

According to press materials from Popeyes sent to Elite Daily, the popular Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich will be returning to restaurant menus nationwide on Sunday, Nov. 3. Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich first appeared on menus nationwide on Aug. 12, but it wasn’t around for long. If you missed your chance to try it before it ran out, you will be able to buy the sandwich again upon its second release. The epic sell-out of a menu item “includes a delicious buttermilk battered and hand breaded white meat chicken fillet, served on a buttery, toasted brioche bun with two barrel cured pickles and guests’ choice of classic mayo or spicy Cajun spread.”

Apparently, even Popeyes had no idea what a hit this sandwich would be. Sales of the sandwich “dramatically surpass[ed] even the most optimistic sales forecast,” and “since then, Popeyes has been diligently working to bring the beloved sandwiches back to restaurants for good,” according to Popeyes

Courtesy of Popeyes

Popeyes created a video for the Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich because this legendary chicken sandwich deserves to be on TV as well as on menus across the country, especially after its epic debut. The video announces like the official poster, “Y’all… The Sandwich is back. This Sunday. Yes. Sunday.” I can’t say for sure that Popeyes is trolling a rival chicken sandwich joint that’s famously closed on Sundays, but I think I see more Popeyes versus Chick-Fil-A memes coming the very near future.

The sell-out of the sandwich disappointed many of those trying to get a taste, and some were saying they could even bring their own buns, mayo, and pickles. Heck, even the official Popeyes Twitter account joined in on the laughs and offered up a Popeyes’ BYOB tweet. Thankfully, all you need to bring in is $3.99 for a tasty sandwich when it returns on Nov. 3.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on YouTube

So many people are going to be happy about the return of the Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich. But before the end of October, you might want to take advantage of Popeyes’ $5 Voodoo Tenders deal. A little twist of their classic Louisiana chicken tenders, when you stop into Popeyes and grab one of these limited-time meal deals, you will get three crispy tenders with their sweet chili voodoo sauce and green onions on top. You also get your choice of a Signature Side and a Buttermilk Biscuit.

With the long-awaited return of Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich, though, I’m waiting to see everyone’s responses on Twitter. The chicken sammie saga has been entertaining. Popeyes does claim that the sandwich is back for good this time, so hopefully you can keep your buns at home for the foreseeable future.

Read more: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/popeyes-chicken-sandwich-is-coming-back-soon-so-mark-your-calendar-19270747

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Theres Something Strange About My Frozen Halloween Costume

Now that Halloween is coming up, I’ve been visiting different stores to put together my costume. I never want to buy anything from Party City that’s already been put together because it’s not unique enough. And it’s not cheap enough.

I would rather spend weeks visiting thrift stores and dollar stores and even garage sales to make a more affordable costume that I can brag about creating myself.

This year, I’ve decided to go as a zombie version of Elsa. I bought a long, draping, blue dress that looks like it comes from the Victorian period. I sewed a floor-length shawl to the back. And I’ve splattered blood across the skirt with a giant wound in the chest, so it looks like a shard of ice has impaled me.

I also crafted a crying, beheaded snowman out of foam balls and am planning on displaying it on my front lawn. What can I say? I like scaring children. It’s the one day of the year I can get away with it. And it’s not like their parents are going to mind. After how many times they’ve had to hear on repeat, I’m sure they’ve thought about stabbing the ice queen themselves.

Even though it’s still a few weeks until Halloween, I’m pretty much ready to go. At least, I I was ready to go.

The other day, I bought a cheap bedazzling kit. I wanted to add sparkles to the sides of my dress to make the fabric sparkle like ice. But when I opened my closet to grab the dress, it wasn’t there. It wasn’t hanging in the guest closet either. It wasn’t anywhere.

I live alone. No one has a key to my apartment. I rarely have any friends over because most of my time is spent working — or planning for my favorite holiday of the year.

There was no way someone had been inside my home, no way someone had taken my dress.

Now, I might be big on horror movies, but I’m not big on ghost stories. I’m the person in the movie who would deny there’s a haunting, stubbornly stay in the cabin at the woods, and get murdered first.

That’s why it took me a few days to call up the owner of the secondhand shop where I had bought the old, Victorian looking dress. I asked about the gown he had sold me. He told me he wasn’t allowed to give out private information. But he let a few details slip.

It only took me an hour to track down the woman who owned the dress before me. Once I learned her name, I did some research on her. And found an obituary. She had died three days earlier, the day I’d noticed my dress was missing.

I went to the wake. I don’t know why. I didn’t know her. And it’s not like she would be able to give me any answers about my missing dress. But something compelled me to visit.

When I walked up to her open casket and saw her for the first time, she was wearing the blue dress. It couldn’t have been blue dress because the shawl wasn’t sewn onto the shoulders. The chest wasn’t covered in blood. But it looked identical.

I backed away, wanting to get the hell out of there, but I ran into her husband on the way out the door. I made up a fake story about knowing her from a friend of a friend. Before I left, I summoned the courage to ask him how she had passed.

He told me he wasn’t sure, he was still waiting on a report from the coroner, but he had found her bleeding out in their kitchen. Something had been impaled straight through her chest.


Read more: https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2019/10/theres-something-strange-about-my-frozen-halloween-costume

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