You Can Stay In A Lisa Frank-Themed Hotel Suite To Relive Your ’90s Dreams

Courtesy of’s Lisa Frank Flat Is The Colorful Retreat Of Your ’90s Dreams

There’s no doubt that ’90s trends have made a magnificent comeback, and thank goodness for that, because IMO, those were some of the best years for style. The choker necklaces, the super faded denim ⁠— these are just some of the keepers from the decade that have returned in full force. Of course, a ’90s fan could never forget about Lisa Frank designs, the colorful creations that made everything from folders to backpacks way more trendy. Thankfully,’s Lisa Frank Flat will let you relive your ’90s dreams in the new Lisa Frank decorated penthouse. Featuring your favorite rainbows and unicorns, this colorful retreat of your middle-school dreams will be available to book as of Oct. 11.

Located at the Barsala Flat in Downtown Los Angeles, The Lisa Frank Flat is a custom ’90s room by that’ll transport you to a scene from one of Lisa Frank’s notebooks. Grab your BFFs, because it’s time for a serious staycation at the Lisa Frank Flat. The penthouse is truly one of a kind, and it welcomes you with a spacious lounge area that’s perfect for gathering with your pals. Whether you order in pizza or catch a flick on the television, this multi-purpose space will be your go-to for socializing and sleepover activities. The vibrant kitchen is seriously retro and comes with a minibar stacked with snacks, so I suggest you come hungry. The minibar even includes the most iconic ’90 snack: Planterz Cheez Balls. The cheddar-coated corn puffs, which returned to shelves in 2018 after being discontinued in 2006, are undoubtedly a staple of the decade’s party food.

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The meticulous detail of the Lisa Frank penthouse is what sets this apart other rooms. It looks like every inch of the flat is just packed with color and psychedelic designs, and you’ll be able on your own stationery with Lisa Frank designs in the office area. There, you’ll have your very own pencils, folders, and trapper keepers. In Lisa Frank’s world, even the bathroom is a magical experience — it’s decked out with an LED rainbow shower and decorated with a Lisa Frank dolphin, so you’ll feel like you’re really under the sea.

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When you’re ready to hit the sack (because even in this wonderful dreamland, it’s a good idea to get some shut-eye) you’ll get plenty of privacy in the bedroom, where you can comfortably lounge in the Lisa Frank sleepwear, which includes a robe, slipper set, and eye mask for each guest. The light-up canopy bed in the room is covered in plush Lisa Frank bedding, so getting a good’s night rest will be a breeze.

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If those looks like your dream vacay, you can book the flat from Oct. 11 through Oct. 27, 2019, on the Lisa Frank Flat website. For $199 a night, you’ll be able to get the full ’90s experience at the spacious Barsala Penthouse. As a ’90s kid myself, the Lisa Frank flat is totally making me nostalgic about the trends from my childhood. From the funky designs to the grungy fashion, these blasts from the past scattered all about the penthouse will instantly take you back to another era.

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