“It Stopped My Heart. I Landed on a Glass I Was Carrying. A Voice Told Me I Was Dying. Oh God No! I Didnt Want to Die.”

An energy drink stopped my heart. I landed on a glass I was carrying, and a chunk of it punctured my jugular. My blood pressure was 70/40 when paramedics arrived and it kept dropping lower each time they raised my arm to take it, and I’d pass out. I fractured my cheek and jaw in that fall and got a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a bonus.

I had an out of town funeral to attend the following day. The drive was going to take about [six] hours. I was gassing up my car, and at the last minute, I decided to get an energy drink because I was driving at night. I get sleepy, and I since I had our son Trevor with me, I wanted to be sure I’d stay awake. So I went in the store and got myself a drink. I remember having second thoughts as I grabbed the can from the cooler, like that deep gut ‘oh I’m going to get busted’ feeling, but I went against it and grabbed a biggie… the biggest mistake of my life.

I had arranged to stay with a girlfriend, and as I was getting off the freeway, I called my husband Chuck. He stayed home with our oldest son because of work and school. Chuck teaches Marine Corps JROTC and he couldn’t take the time off work. I told Chuck I’d call him when I got there but since it was after midnight, I called as I was getting off the freeway instead. I said I’d call him the next morning and told him I loved him, not knowing that was almost the last time I’d get to say it.

Courtesy of Tara Mundorff

I got to my friend’s house and made myself at home while I waited for her to get home from work. I went out on the patio and suddenly began feeling a little nauseous, immediately feeling like something was seriously wrong. I didn’t want to collapse on concrete, so I went inside. I had a glass of water in one hand and my big ‘ol large diet coke, like 64 oz big, in the other. I had gotten it later on the drive. I had a lot of caffeine. I remember standing at the corner of the kitchen counter and the next memory is me opening my eyes and I’m lying on something red. My head was between the legs of a butcher block table and a vintage cast iron stove and my head was touching each of them — table on the left and stove on the right. I sat up and felt stuff falling on my chest from my face and something was in my mouth and on my lips. It was shattered glass. I started spitting it out and wiping my chin. As I continue to wipe it off, I ran my hand down my chin and under my jaw where I felt something snag my finger. I was so out of it, I grabbed around the glass and squeezed it out. I was an X-ray tech and medical assistant and I also taught CPR/First Aid. I know not to pull objects from the body, ESPECIALLY THE NECK!

Courtesy of Tara Mundorff

Courtesy of Tara Mundorff

I remember looking at the claw-shaped glass now in my palm and telling my friend’s son I need to wash my neck. My friend’s kids were home, and when I fell, they heard the glass shatter and came running. Her son [Colton] came up from behind me and saw the glass in my hand and blood running down my chest, and her daughter and son’s friend came in from the other direction and saw me from the front. Between these three, one got me up, one called 911 and the other got towels. My head was starting to hurt and so was my face. I leaned over the sink to wash my neck, and everything goes white. No pain, no speech, no sight, and my legs buckled. I collapsed into Colton’s arms and what I could hear sounded like kids playing at the end of the block. A male voice came to me and told me I was dying. Oh God no! I didn’t want to die. Trevor was with me and I didn’t want to tell him I loved him because I didn’t want my last words to be in that moment, but I wanted him to know I loved him. And poor Trevor — he was in the next room listening to me moaning and repeating that I loved him when the paramedics were taking me. I don’t remember that, but it has traumatized him. He has Autism. I remember thinking I was having this internal pull and a second man’s voice came to me and told me to keep my eye open and if I closed them, I’d never wake up. So I began to fight.

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Courtesy of Tara Mundorff

The sounds I heard was my friend’s son Colton screaming next to my head, and her daughter Jesse frantically trying to get the Paramedics to her house. Colton was holding me while trying to keep pressure on my neck. Can you imagine being him, having to hold dead weight up because you can’t let go of the towel? When the paramedics got there, I was set down on a chair and each time the paramedics raised my arm to take my blood pressure, I’d collapse. I remember hearing the paramedic saying I was lucky because I nicked my jugular. My BP was unstable and I was fighting to keep my eyes open like a 3-year-old not wanting to take a nap. It was the longest ride to the hospital and every bump along the way, I’d bottom out.

When the emergency room doctor walked up to my gurney, I told him, ‘Listen doc, I need to be out of here by 6:30 a.m. because I have a funeral to be at by 9.’ He said, ‘Just be glad it isn’t yours.’ He also said it would’ve happened while I was driving if I had further to go. I went down for a funeral. Oh, the irony. I was being wheeled in, and morphine was mentioned but I didn’t know why. Apparently, I bounced off the butcher block table with my left cheek and hit the cast iron stove before my head got nestled between the two.

The ER doctor said the combo of the energy drink mixed with the extra fluid from the Diet Coke, and both being a diuretic, caused the problems in my heart, because of my having to use the restroom [six] times on the trip down there. Using the restroom caused me to lose critical electrolytes we need for our heart to function. He told me, ‘Next time, leave earlier and drink coffee instead. No more energy drinks for you!’ I received a couple more shots while there, and boy I was hurting, but I was eventually discharged.

I made it to the funeral after all, but ended up driving the wrong way on a one-way street in front of the cemetery. You’re probably thinking I was determined to be buried that day. After that little fiasco, I was refused the right to drive home for [three] days. That drive home was difficult and long. I kept getting sleepy, and that kept up for quite a while. It’s been [seven] years and I can just now drive [three] hours by myself without anyone else in the car. I suffered a traumatic brain injury with that concussion.

Courtesy of Tara Mundorff

The effects of a TBI are devastating. I lost a part of my life I’ll never get back. My memory. I can’t recall my children’s milestones and when the doctor asks about them, I feel like a failure for not knowing. A common phrase in our house is, ‘Mom, we already watched that.’ The most treasured part of us is our mind/memory and mine has forever been altered, and when they’re ripped out from under you, it’s a disheartening feeling. It angers me most. Probably because I didn’t listen to my gut when I reached in the cooler.

Memorizing phone numbers is a thing of the past. I can’t do it. Three digits in and I’ve already forgotten the first two. I forgot how to write a check. I forgot how to sign my name, let alone know what my signature looked like. I‘ve forgotten how to hold a pen. I’ve forgotten how to do many things and had to relearn them, and that is maddening. This energy drink accident changed the lives of everyone in my home. When someone grabs for that can, they’re only thinking of themselves and the instant gratification they’ll get in that first sip, and not about who’s left to pick up the pieces. It makes me so mad my life changed so drastically because of that choice I made.

If I can change one person’s energy drink habit, I’ll be pleased. It would mean the world to me if I can save at least one person’s life. Sadly, Colton lost his life a year after my accident as well. It was said he had [two] of those energy drink beers a few hours before his heart stopped. He died because his heart was enlarged, and it just wore out.

These drinks are like liquid heroin because of the addiction for the energy. One sip and you’re hooked because the extra energy is easily accessible. These energy drinks don’t have to be consumed on a regular basis to cause an injury. I drank maybe two energy drinks a year if that. I’ve probably had [eight] in total over a six-year period. I stopped [six] times to use the restroom on that drive and that caused me to lose critical electrolytes we need for our heart to function. I don’t know if the rapid heart rate is worse than electrolyte depletion, but the combo can be dangerous. Our heart muscle is constructed like a net, unlike our long muscles. Each of those tiny branches [has] a lifespan, unlike the long muscles. They’re like a rubber band and wear out like an overused rubber band does. That’s what people don’t understand.

We take 50 of my husband’s cadets to a Marine Corps Base during spring break and whenever I see our servicemen carrying one, I’m diligent about walking up to them and telling them what happened to me. My husband incorporates my accident into his instruction too. They’re more than just bad, they’re destructive.

My goals of becoming a sign language interpreter ended that day. I couldn’t remember my signs and I struggled for [two] years until I resigned to the fact I couldn’t do it. I call myself a housewife now, but my husband says I’m not, I’m the boss of our home. I like the ring of that. I now just dedicate myself to educating others about the energy drink dangers every opportunity I can. My husband and boys have been incredibly supportive… even sitting through the same movie for me. We just say I’m forgetful now. It’s less hurtful.

Courtesy of Tara Mundorff

“I was too stubborn to die and here I am, and I hope my photos and story impacts others to quit.”

**This story was written by Tara Mundorff and originally appeared on Love What Matters. Used with permission. 

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Samsung is ditching plastic packaging

Samsung Electronics said Sunday it will replace plastic packaging used for its bevy of products from mobile phones and tablets to home appliances and wearables with paper and other environmentally sustainable materials like recycled/bio-based plastics.

Samsung will start making the switch in the first half of the year. The company aims to only use paper packaging materials certified by forestry initiatives by next year. By 2030, Samsung says it plans to use 500,000 tons of recycled plastics and collect 7.5 million tons of discarded products (both cumulative from 2009).

The company said it’s formed an internal task force to come up with innovative packaging ideas that avoid plastic.

For instance, the plastic trays used to hold mobile phones and tablets will be replaced with ones made from pulp. Samsung said it will also alter the phone charger design, swapping the glossy exterior with a matte finish and eliminating plastic protection films, reducing the use of plastics.

Plastic bags used to protect the surface of home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines as well as other kitchen appliances will also be replaced with bags containing recycled materials and bioplastics. Bioplastics are made from plastic wastes and non-fossil fuel materials like starch or sugar cane.

The company also committed to only using fiber materials certified by global environmental organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for packaging and manuals by 2020.

The company will adopt more environmentally sustainable materials even if it means an increase in cost,” Gyeong-bin Jeon, head of Samsung’s Global Customer Satisfaction Center, said in a statement.

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Popeyes defends New Orleans Saints with tweet trolling NFL referees over controversial no-call

The tweet called out the controversial call during Sunday’s Saints game. (Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen)

The NFC Championship game may be over, but Popeyes has far from forgotten.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is taking the referees to task over a controversial no-call during Sunday afternoon’s playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams that may have cost the New Orleans Saints a Super Bowl appearance.


In a tweet shared by the fast food chain, a box of Popeyes chicken, biscuits and fries is out of focus. Along with the blurry image is the hashtag #refereechicken – poking fun at what the referee’s vision must have been like during the game.

The Louisiana-style roast was served up on Twitter, where it has been praised by Saints – and Popeyes – fans all over.



But the Louisiana-based fast food chain is not the only establishment upset over the controversial call. An eye doctor in the Pelican State offered free exams for NFL referees after the crushing 26-23 loss.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/popeyes-defends-new-orleans-saints-with-tweet-trolling-nfl-referees-over-controversial-no-call

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15 amazing Google tricks you never knew before now

Google’s logo is seen on a building in Irvine, California. (Reuters)

“Google it.” We use this phrase every day. Once upon a time, the word “Google” just indicated a very long number. Today, it’s a verb.

That extends to physical products as well, like these 20 incredibly useful Google products and services you probably didn’t know about until now.

But the world’s most powerful search engine can do more than find things. Yes, the full G-Suite is a game-changer, and many of us have uploaded our entire digital existence to Drive; but most users don’t even realize how much power they have with a simple browser, thanks to Google’s many features and tricks.

While you’re at it, find out what Google knows about you through its “takeout” feature. It’s free and tells you what the search giant knows about you. (Hint: If you’ve got multiple Google accounts, you’ll need to sign out and sign in for each.)

If you never realized you could run two searches simultaneously or convert your screen to Klingon, read on. Google will grant you access to pretty much all of human knowledge, but even that is only the tip of the iceberg.

1. Google’s advanced search features

Everybody knows how to do a regular search on Google. But skilled researchers prefer the advanced search function, which helps you refine your results. You can find websites with specific words, precise phrases, numbers, languages, and regions, among other parameters.

During your first search attempt, click or tap Settings just below and to the right of the main text field and look for Advanced Search. You’ll see multiple search fields. There, you can filter your searches in any number of ways.

If you can’t find something on a specific website because their search function is lacking, there’s a field in Google’s Advanced Search where you can search by site or domain. For media, you can search by image size or aspect ratio, color, search by site or even filter results by usage rights. Google has dozens of hidden gems, including these 10 hidden search features that you’ll want to try.

2. Quick and easy search methods

If you don’t need all the filters that come with Advanced Search, you can use several shortcuts for regular searches. For example, if you’re looking for something exact, add quotation marks to the word or phrase (e.g., “The Man in the High Tower”).

Do you need to exclude a word? Place a minus sign (-) in front of the word you don’t want. Throw a plus sign (+) in front of any word you want to stress as important.

You can also search a site directly by placing site: directly in front of the URL, then follow it with your search term. So it would look like this: site:komando.com “google” You can use the same method to search for related content (related:).

Put @ in front of a word to search social media, or add # in front to search hashtags. Use * in place of an unknown word or as a placeholder. You can even search within a range of numbers like this: 2002..2018.

3. Easily stay up to date

Do you want a quick look at today’s weather? Presuming your device knows where you are, Google the word “weather” and you’ll get a detailed daily forecast along with outlooks for the coming days. You can also type “weather in Atlanta,” or any other point on the map, and you’ll receive a detailed meteorological update.

The same goes for checking area traffic, movie times and even stocks.

4. Keep track of your reservations

If you have any booked flights or dinner reservations through Gmail, you can view that information through Google as well. Just type “my reservations” and it’ll bring up any relevant information (as long as you’re already logged into your account). And since it’s your personal information, you’ll be the only one who can see those results.

Still, you may want to review your privacy settings, to make sure you’re not sharing information that you’d prefer to keep private.

5. Math made easy

Don’t want to hunt for the calculator app? Just type your math problem or equation into the search field to turn Google into a basic calculator. You can also type “calculator” into the search field, and one will materialize.

One of the most common computations is for a tip. The pressure is often high, in a restaurant or cab, if you’re not very quick with percentages. Just Google “tip calculator” and you’re all set.

Google can also convert currency and help you with Geometry problems. Just type “solve” and fill the rest. Google can even chart graphs.

6. The final countdown

This skill is shockingly useful, especially in the kitchen or at the gym, where timed activities are common.

Just Google “timer” and it’ll bring up a default countdown clock of five minutes; you can quickly change it to your needed duration. Click or tap the upper tab, and it becomes a stopwatch.

7. Find the Origins of a Word

Many people use Google as a dictionary, typing a word and then “definition” into the search engine. But more than a simple entry, Google also serves up synonyms, antonyms, and (often) the etymology of the word – that is, the word’s origins.

So if you love to know that “night” comes from Old English “neaht,” you could play this lingual game all day.

8. A handy translator

Traveling overseas? Google Translate can help.

Just select the language you need to translate, then search for any word or phrase. Google Translate works for more than 100 languages across the globe. While you can convert the search engine to Klingon, though, there’s still no translation support.

Google Translate is just one of my favorite travel apps and tools.

9. Run two searches at the same time

Most of us have only ever thought to look for one search term at a time; first, we look for “Paris,” then we look for “History of Aviation.”

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, Google can combine searches. All you need to do is add your search terms and separate them by and or.

10. Find Favorite Authors

Type in a favorite author, or an author you recently heard about from a friend. Usually, a series of book covers will appear at the top of the screen, showing the author’s complete works or titles associated with his or her name.

Similar images will appear for established actors, directors, and musicians.

11. Metronome, anyone?

This one’s geared to musicians. If you need a little help with your music, let Google’s metronome assist. You can determine the beats per minute (BPM) that you prefer, and Google will provide perfectly spaced ticks.

12. Google Newspaper Archive

Far from the clumsy microfiche of your local library, Google has archived thousands of newspapers as scanned PDFs, many of them dating back to the American Revolution.

You’ll find rags from around the world, in a range of languages. Some collections are incomplete, but amateur historians will rejoice at this treasure trove of archived materials.

13. Play Games

Did you know there are a few games you can play just using a simple search? Search Pac-Man, and the iconic arcade game will fire up, free for anyone to use.

Other games, like Atari Breakout and Zerg Rush, are also available to play directly through the browser, whenever you need a quick thrill.

14. See Retro Google

As you may know, Google was founded (and went live) in the year 1998. To celebrate its origins, developers can show you precisely what the primitive search engine once looked like; type “Google in 1998” and remember those halcyon data of the early internet

15. Find a Fun Easter Eggs

What happens when you type “do a barrel roll” into Google? The entire screen starts swirling around, like an airplane doing aerobatic tricks.

The search engine has many goofy “Easter Eggs,” which makes Google respond in hilarious and unexpected ways when you type the magic words.

Here are a few other Google Easter Eggs. Have fun!

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Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/tech/15-amazing-google-tricks-you-never-knew-before-now

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The Scary Reality Of Netflixs You, Stalking, And What You Post On Social Media

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The Scary Reality Of Netflix’s ‘You’, Stalking, And What You Post On Social Media

I didn’t expect myself to be so afraid of 

There seems to be a blurred line between love and obsession and it makes me (and plenty of other people I know) question everything I’ve known about social media.

Is it okay to stalk someone online or is it just creepy? 

by Caroline Kepnes was a book that sucked me in quick. It was haunting. It was creepy. I read this book a month before the Lifetime series premiered on TV. Now, the first season of the show is on Netflix and in the midst of filming season 2.

This chilling storyline takes place in New York. It follows Joe, a bookstore clerk, who becomes so obsessed with a customer, a writer named Beck. His obsession with her grows stronger the more he stalks her entire life–past and present–on social media.

When I first experienced I was shocked. The narrative was written in second person and it felt creepy and a lot more personal. It seemed like Joe was talking to me directly. I thought “you” was me. Then there were moments when he said or did certain things that were seemingly romantic and charming at first, and for some moments, I felt bad for ever judging him so harshly.

It’s truly terrifying to have any semblance of a social media presence because stalking people has become way too easy nowadays. When you meet someone new, you tend to go through their social media accounts. Instagram is for seeing what they look like and where they go. Twitter is for reading what goes on in their mind and what they’re doing. Facebook is to learn more about their family, usually.

We upload such personal content on social media as if it means nothing.

When you think about it, it’s weird. The people who follow us and our updates online are somewhat invested in our lives and 

You use social media, right?

You post photos of a night out with friends (with the location) on Instagram, right? You tweet about how much you love this one coffee shop on this one street near your apartment because of the cute barista with the dark hair and green eyes? You share a photo album of your recent vacation on Facebook and your mom writes such a mom-comment because she’s extra like that.

can see what you post online. Stalking is very real and very easy to do.

I mean, you are reading and seeing all of this online, aren’t you? Right.

When I finished the book and the first season of the show, I wanted to let “you” go. I felt as if I had left it all: the basement of the bookstore, Beck’s bedroom, Peach’s kitchen. At the same time, I knew it wasn’t really gone.

“You” was more than just a character–it was a very real person. Like me. Like you.

Image Credit: Netflix

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Kelly Peacock

Brooklyn-based poet, writer, and music enthusiast.

Read more: https://thoughtcatalog.com/kelly-peacock/2019/01/the-scary-reality-of-netflixs-you-stalking-and-what-you-post-on-social-media

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Fetishizing books is not the same thing as loving reading

Disclosed book on a table. Close-up.

Image: Getty Images

If you follow a lot of people who watch a lot of Netflix, then you’ve probably spent a lot of 2019 so far watching them argue about books. Specifically, about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo‘s approach to books.

“Keep your tidy, spark-joy hands off my book piles, Marie Kondo,” gasped The Washington Post. “Marie Kondo, back off! Why this book hoarder refuses to tidy up,” declared Cnet. On Twitter, some bibliophiles expressed shock and horror, while others reacted to that shock and horror with snark and bemusement

Kondo’s method for books is exactly the same as her method for pretty much anything else you might find in a home, like clothing, sporting goods, or kitchen gadgets. Yet it’s only the books that have provoked this level of disgust, and that’s because a lot of people have no chill when it comes to what other people might be doing with their books. 

Though this particular Kon-troversy is new, it’s really just the latest in a long series of book-related outrages over the years. 

Last year’s was the collective hand-wringing over backwards bookshelves. Before that was the outrage over books getting cut up for crafts. There’s been huffing over shelves curated by color and selfies over piles of open books, and disagreements over whether a large stack of unread books is cause for pride or shame

What all of these scandalous actions have in common is that they don’t actually affect anyone at all but the person making them. Instagram influencers aren’t sneaking into your home to rearrange your shelves, and Kondo isn’t signing legislation to outlaw large book collections. (She actually encourages you to keep your books if the thought of discarding them makes you mad.)

Why, then, do some bibliophiles get ranty at photos of spine-in books, or see red when a Kondo client throws another novel in his discard pile?

For many, it has to do with what books represent. Books don’t exist solely to spark joy! Books are objects of wonder, and souvenirs of our personal journeys! Our collections reflect our tastes and our personalities, and express them to any curious visitors who might come looking. They’re not mere decorative pieces or functional tools, and only a non-reader would treat them as such.

Books may mean a lot to some readers, but they don’t mean the same thing to all readers.

Or maybe they would. 

Books may mean a lot to some readers, but they don’t mean the same thing to all readers. A skimpy shelf could mean someone hates books, or simply that they prefer ebooks and libraries. An overstuffed one might be just as self-consciously curated as a streamlined one. Those spine-in volumes could belong to someone who loves reading and favors a minimalist aesthetic.

There’s a difference between loving reading and fetishizing books. While there’s nothing wrong with the latter, it’s worth acknowledging the difference — if only so we can collectively stop flying into a blind rage whenever some Facebook rando shares a photo of the secret book safe they just DIYed. 

There are exceptions and caveats, of course. Books that are rare or very old should probably be saved and preserved. Newer books could probably be donated or recycled, rather than trashed, for the sake of the environment. It also goes without saying that I’m talking here about personal collections; it’s obviously a much bigger problem if the government starts burning books, or a public library reorders them all by color just for the ‘gram. 

As a general rule, though? Mind your own books, and let other people mind theirs. 

If you can’t wait to KonMari some boring books out of your life, have fun tidying up. If you’d rather die by a billion paper cuts than let go of even one single volume, hold on to them for as long as you’d like. If you’d like to stock up on vintage volumes you won’t read to make yourself look smarter, or if you love judging people by their book collections — honestly, knock yourself out. 

Whatever you decide to do, though, remember that it’s not the bound stacks of printed paper that matter. It’s what they do, what’s inside them, and what they mean to you that does. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to cut everyone else a break for whatever they’re doing with their own piles of paper. 

Read more: https://mashable.com/article/books-marie-kondo/

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The new Parsley Health Center in NYC doesnt feel like a doctors office

Parsley Health has just opened a new, fully redesigned space on Fifth Avenue in New York City, marking the first true Parsley Health Center.

Since launch, the startup has been operating out of clinics in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But TechCrunch got the chance to check out Parsley’s new Fifth Avenue location, which marks the company’s first space designed from the ground up as Parsley Health.

Founded by Dr. Robin Berzin, Parsley Health is a healthcare membership, where customers are offered a holistic approach to their health by a team of doctors and health coaches, complete with 24/7 unlimited messaging.

The idea stemmed from the troublesome reality that the average American spends less than 20 minutes a year with their doctor, who more often than not treat symptoms instead of the root problem.

Parsley members spend around four hours/year with medical professionals, including five doctor visits a year and five health coach visits. Plus, Parsley offers 24/7 communication with your doctor and health coach. The hope is that Parsley doctors can better diagnose and treat their patients’ issues if they have the time to get the full story. Plus, Parsley doctors have the benefit of advanced biomarker testing alongside their focus on functional medicine, where root issues are prioritized for treatment rather than symptoms.

Part of giving the highest-quality treatment is creating an open relationship between doctor and patient. That, in many ways, can be influenced by the physical space.

The new Parsley Health Center takes into account the principles of biophilic design. In other words, the space is designed specifically to make people feel healthier and better. The lighting, for example, is built to mimic natural light by using ribbed glass partition systems in the smaller rooms of the space. The space is also full of plants, as being in connection with nature reduces stress and improves mood.

The company even paid attention to the details of designing a main hallway where the halls that sprawl off the main corridor are somewhat hidden by overhanging walls. This pattern, of visually implying a mystery waits around the corner, is supposed to provoke a strong pleasure response.

Beyond the design itself, Parsley also took into account the look and feel of the waiting room.

Rather than a sterile room with old magazines and no light, the Parsley waiting room is more of a communal living room, with plenty of couches and a kitchen, complete with draught kombucha and healthy snacks for purchase.

The hope is that Parsley can use this room for community events around learning how to optimize health across all parts of life, including food, sleep and behavior.

Doctors’ offices and exam rooms are rethought to ensure a more comfortable relationship between doctor and patient. There are no desks that separate patient from doctor, instead featuring a couch with a small side table to write on.

Observation tables have been redesigned to fit in with the room instead of standing out like a giant piece of “medical equipment.” Doctors’ instruments all fit into a small set of drawers off to the side.

Even the lab is built adjacent to a restroom where patients can pass their specimen through a small compartment in the wall instead of walking it through the hallways.

In 2017, Parsley raised $10 million led by FirstMark Capital, with participation from Amplo, Trail Mix Ventures, Combine and The Chernin Group. Individual investors such as Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine; Nat Turner, CEO of Flatiron Health; Neil Parikh, co-founder of Casper; and Dave Gilboa, co-founder of Warby Parker, also invested in the round.

Membership to Parsley costs $150/month.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/28/the-new-parsley-health-center-in-nyc-doesnt-feel-like-a-doctors-office/

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50 Stupidly Simple Ways Insecure Girls CanLearn Self-Love

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50 Stupidly Simple Ways Insecure Girls Can Learn Self-Love

These tips from Ask Reddit will help you see yourself in a better light.

1. Practice complimenting others.

Do this especially for small traits, or particular aspects of an area they might not excel in. For example, someone you don’t find attractive may still have a cute nose, or nice hair. Someone you find annoying may have a friendly attitude, or admirable confidence.

When you learn to do it for others, you can’t help but learn how to do it for yourself.

2. In everyday situations, when you normally would start bashing yourself over an insignificant/small thing, try to think about the situation as if it happened to someone else. Would you hate another person, a classmate, a stranger, whatever, for it? If not, why do you hate yourself for it?

Of course, there ARE things about you that are unpleasant, everybody has flaws. But for that very reason it’s okay to have them. And the harder you work on flaws you can fix, the more respect you deserve.

3. Try to catch yourself whenever you think something that is putting yourself down and replace it with something positive.

“I slept too long, and now I’m late to work, apparently I can’t get up in the morning!”

Could be: “I needed sleep, and now I’m revived!”

“I really hate my hair today, it doesn’t ever look nice!”

Could be: “My skin is very soft today!”

If you keep this up you will learn eventually how to see the positives about yourself, instead of the negatives.

4. Dress better. I used to be the ‘black hoodie blue jeans’ type of person but after wearing more colorful and stylish clothes I felt a lot better about myself.

I’m still not a ‘bright colors’ type of person but even wearing white, dark red, grey, dark greens and the like really helps, as well as instead of wearing hoodies wearing a blouse, or even just a sweater.

5. STOP APOLOGIZING. Every time you want to say sorry, say thank you. Thank you for waiting for me. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for talking to me.

6. Buy a journal and write everyday 3 things you like about yourself or something you did that you’re proud of.

7. When you have a negative thought about yourself, take it and ask three questions: is it true? Is it useful? Is it helpful?

If it isn’t at least one of those (especially the first one) then it’s safe to toss. Don’t just go “of course [horrible thing about me] is true because I’m horrible,” either. Actually look at it.

Also, think about how you would feel if someone said that about one of your friends (or your cat, your favorite character, whatever works). If you think it’d be a shit thing to say to someone else, then it’s a shit thing to say to yourself.

8. Avoid social media. This quote really put it into perspective for me: “One reason with struggle with insecurity is we compare our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Look at the positives in your life, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is

9. I start out each day by saying what I’m grateful for; little things mean the most, believe me. Somedays it may only be my warm covers and clean undies, but it’s something! And be nice to yourself, don’t say mean things in your head about yourself. Pick out something you like, even if it’s just a mole, or your hair, and think of more things you like about yourself each day. It’s like a mantra; saying nice things, thinking nice things, takes effort. But each day is a new day, with a new start! And smile too.

10. Deny a request. The beginnings of assertiveness goes a long way to becoming self-confident.

11. Pretend that you’re confident, even if it feels fake. Tell yourself that you’re good at whatever you’re engaged in and that you can do anything. If you tell yourself enough you’ll start to believe it, and if you fake confidence, no one else will know that you’re FAKING confidence and will believe you’re confident.

Also if someone is making you feel less confident, or is deliberately trying to keep your self-esteem low, don’t spend time with them.

12. Very often people will respond to you in the way you come at them. When you see someone, smile as though their presence makes you happy (not crazy happy. Regular, low-key happy). This reaction will make them subconsciously feel happy to see you. Ask them how they’re doing. Be aware that small talk is just a way to “check in” and is sort of a way to get talking rolling or a way to keep a brief encounter light. Smile. Smiling will actually make you feel better. If you force yourself to smile, the first second may feel weird but then it will become real. Know that everyone is preoccupied with their own shit so if you just be pleasant and low-key nice, that’s all they’re gonna see, i.e. no social interaction is a huge deal unless you make it a huge deal. Keep in your head “everybody is just trying to live and get by, so when I see people, best thing to do is simply give them some low-key niceness to make their day better”.

You keep doing this, and start to be a nice influence on others, you will probably feel its effects, and may start to also feel better about yourself.

13. Exercise: but take the time to find what you like. I started off going to the gym (hated it), then tried running (I preferred sprints but it was still hard to motivate) and eventually I took a boxing class by chance and fell in love with it. Same with core fitness classes. Having a teacher that I like, being around other people, and doing a class that challenged (but didn’t overwhelm me) has really made a huge difference to how I feel about myself.

14. Honestly, every single time you look at your own reflection try your best to not look for something you don’t like about your appearance. Look for something positive, the one thing about yourself that doesn’t make you upset. Doing this every single day legitimately makes such a big improvement on self image.

15. Depending on how low you feel, simple things as brushing your hair and teeth and putting clean clothes goes a long way. Then eating more fruits and less complex carbs (pasta, burgers, cereal) also helps. Drinks more water and going for a walk. This build up to starting an overall healthier diet and exercising, that helps with the mental state of feeling better about yourself.

Finally: therapy. Admitting you need someone to talk to and help you is a small step that will work wonders.

16. Volunteer. Join something that makes the world a better place in some way. First of all, they tend to be filled with positive people, and secondly, they positive feelings that you get from your contributions will do a lot to contradicts the negative messages that others have given you in the past.

17. Pay attention to what you tell to yourself. You’ll be very surprised and saddened to realize what you tell yourself all day long. Once you’ve observed long enough, start talking back and don’t let yourself get away with bad talk. It’s a habit just like everything else.

18. Try to make a ritual every morning: wake up, change out of your pijamas, wash-up, drink some water and make your bed. Once you finish this up, you will already have achieved something for the day and you should already feel a bit better.

The next step would be working towards something that you desire. If you don’t have such a thing, the best place for me to look for inspiration was younger me.

In my experience, there is always something that one would like to achieve, to become, to do or to get.

Choose one and just start taking small steps towards it. Make sure that at the end of the day you have achieved the smallest step towards it so that you can tell yourself that in that day you achieved something.

19. Stop listening to your lying mind and start listening to the people who tell you that you are beautiful, smart and funny.

20. For me it was wearing makeup less frequently.

Admittedly I was never huge into it but I made the “expected” effort with it 7 out of 10 days. Once I started consciously deciding that I wasn’t going to put any make up on that day, even if I had some sort of event, I became so much more comfortable with the way I looked.

I’m not saying wearing make up is evil and I know for a lot of people it’s an art form but if you’re using it because you feel you need to alter some small facets of your appearance in order to feel like you’re giving the best version of you… you might be amazed at what making peace with the way you look does for your every day confidence.

21. This might sound crazy but I promise it’s not:

Every morning when you do your routine, take an extra 5 seconds and smile at yourself in the mirror, even if you have to force the smile

22. Remind yourself that Nothing is Personal. It really isn’t. Everyone lives in their own head and is just as messed up as you think you are. Get a grip and breathe. Nothing is personal.

23. Remember, merely questioning what you can do to help your situation is more than a lot of people do.

Be true to yourself. Who are you? I think a good first step is figuring out your values. What’s most important to you. Once you know what your values are, setting realistic goals and celebrating each step along the way can be very helpful.

24. Get rid of toxic people. All of them, even if they are the closest to you.

25. Keep your room, apartment, or home clean and tidy.

26. Start making outrageous jokes about how great you are. If you make them outrageous enough, people will know you’re not just boasting, but even false positive reinforcement will start to have positive effects. At the very least avoid negative self talk at all costs.

27. Say one good thing you did today and put it in a jar. Do this everyday for a month and then read them.

28. Get a good haircut. I know it’s difficult to find right style where you actually feel comfy in your own skin instead of having a template haircut, but when you find the right barber it will change everything. Heavy, insecure, out of fashion people are much more approachable when they have excellent haircut than fit, confident and well dressed people with shagged hair.

29. It might sound very cheesy, but what worked best for me was taking care of relatively small things about myself – brushing my hair frequently, taking care to really clean my teeth, washing really thoroughly in the shower. Not only did it help me look better, it was also really helpful to get to know what my body is like and how to help it. Starting small helped me work up to the bigger things like going out more, losing weight, etc.

Knowing yourself and your body is important. If your relationship with it can’t be positive, at least you can make it compassionate.

30. I would recommend putting yourself in non-serious social situations. BS with a person at the park or at a patron at a restaurant you never visit. Perhaps volunteer at a place for a day. Use a fake name with a simple engineered backstory behind it if you feel shy. If the attempt fails, they don’t know your real name. Think of it like a real world sandbox you can play in. Eventually you will gain confidence by being immersed in this environment. Confidence is a large part of how you end up feeling about yourself at the end of the day.

31. Telling yourself it’s okay to make mistakes in social settings. You meant to say “hello” + “how’re you doing?” and it comes out sounding “hell’re you doing?” It’s okay, everyone does it. Just try again and you’ll both laugh about the goof, plus laughing is a good way to start a conversation. You wave at someone and they don’t see it so you’re waving awkwardly at nothing? Just smile, nod at the air like the person acknowledged you, and anyone who happened to notice your moment will think “oh they’re saying hi to someone” even if you actually aren’t. It’ll feel stupid, but it works. I’ve done it many times in a crowded mall.

It’s okay to goof up and make mistakes. Everyone else in the world does it, the only difference is low self-esteem makes it hard for you to notice when other people do it (usually other people do it just as often as you do!).

32. Personal hygiene. Also, wearing a nice perfume.

33. The best course of action is probably to find a therapist to help you work on it. Or at least help you into a better head space to deal with it.

34. Years ago what helped me was meditation.

I would visually “step outside myself” and look at me and my life from the third person perspective.

It’s sounds odd but I began to notice if I got out of my own “head” and looked at myself, I could see me as an awesome person who has been through some difficult stuff.

I slowly began giving myself the same respect and understanding I always give freely to others but couldn’t give myself for some reason.

Immediately after meditating I would go back into myself and see nothing but flaws, but the more I visualized my life from someone else’s eyes the more my self esteem and those negative thought patterns disappeared.

35. Avoid social media. It brings out the worst in people, everyone put highlights of their otherwise miserables lives and spending too much time on them just leads to envy and further self-loathing.

36. Long hair to trendy short hair. Is what i did as a 16yo. Instant 200% confidence boost.

37. Be sure to know that nobody gives a damn about you. Not your co-workers, boss, even friends. They don’t go home thinking about you. They have their own lives. Escape routine, spend time alone, watch people. We’re all delicate and complex. Understand that you’re just one more story to this world. If you untie some thoughts you’ll manage yourself better. Live like no one is watching.

38. My therapist asked me to list the things I liked about myself, and I couldn’t even come up with a single thing. Then she asked me what I thought my friends would say if she asked them what they liked about me, and I didn’t know. So my homework that week was to ask them. It was really anxiety-provoking, so I only asked two of them who I’ve known for years. One gave me kind of a standard answer, like “you’re funny and a good listener,” which was nice. But another friend completely blew me out of the water and had to EMAIL me a list of the positive qualities I had and why she liked having me as a friend. It didn’t cure me, I still hate myself more than anything, but on a really bad self-esteem day I can read her list and realize that: 1. Even though I hate myself, there are other people who don’t, and 2. I do have positive qualities, they are just hard for me to see.

Obviously not everyone has a great support system, so this may be hit-or-miss for some people, but even if you think your friends/family will give you 1-2 things they like about you, you can compile a pretty solid list yourself.

39. This may sound hokey, but it really worked for me and my little brother. Every night, we would text each other the mantra, “I am beautiful, I am strong, I am worth it, I can do this,” then follow it up with the “good night, sleep sweet, I love you bro-der/sissy.”

Every night, we did this and every day when I woke up, I felt a little bit better and eventually I felt amazing and I really believed those words. It helped because we were both going through some really dark times together and decided we weren’t going to be just another statistic.

40. Clean the kitchen sink. It takes a moment, you feel better about yourself and feel inspired to do more.

41. I’m being completely serious and non-ironic, but you have to remember that you’re the sperm that made it. The fact that you are who you are today, biologically and mentally, in a virtually infinite universe, is a God damn miracle.

Remind yourself of that and go face your fears. That’s how I get through my insecurities.

42. I wake up every morning and the first thing I say is: “Today is going to be a magnificent day.” Then I go out to find out why I said it, and if I cant find it, I make it.

43. In my experience I had to make a shift from wondering what people thought about me to not caring what they thought about me. It worked for me. I wear what I want to wear and as long as I’m comfortable I don’t care what they think. Has made a huge difference for me.

44. I used to have super low self esteem. Someone introduced me to a game that they played when they were out called, “I’m glad I’m me.”

Basically any time you see anyone that you’re glad you’re not, you say to yourself, “I’m glad I’m me.”

You’d be surprised how much you say it. It drastically improved my self esteem.

45. Start a hobby. Something you like, and find others who like it too. Doesn’t matter which hobby.

46. I had an affirmation that was taped to the mirror in my bathroom. It helped.

47. Perhaps this isn’t what you’re looking for, but I found starting over with a fresh identity (in an internet community) helped me. “The past is gone, all of my actions from this point forward will be the right ones.”

48. For me digging out of my hole started with:

Getting regular hair cuts.

Washing my face and clearing up my skin.

Washing my hair regularly.

Eating better, not expensive, just better.

I looked so much better and felt better about myself start there once you like yourself then you can work on getting others to like you.

49. Honestly it’s hard, really hard. But you need to put yourself in uncomfortable situations for starters. It’s almost like a shock therapy sort of thing.you need to be able to interact with people with confidence. And confidence is very hard to build, it’s almost like leveling in a video game.

50. In my experience, self confidence is a side effect of having my shit together and accomplishing the things I desire. If I’m satisfied with my body, my career, my social life and so on I don’t have to fake it.

So work on the aspects of yourself that you don’t like and you will be a more happy and confident person. Pursue the things you want even if they’re hard to get. Don’t loose your time expecting things to be easy, everything that is worth is hard to get. In order to become the person you want to be you need to work hard and earn the accomplishments you crave for.

When I had low self-esteem I used to think that I didn’t deserve anything good, but at the same time I didn’t put any effort because everything was so hard. That’s the mentality I had to change. Stop expecting things to get easy and just work.

Read more: https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2019/01/50-stupidly-simple-ways-insecure-girls-can-learn-self-love

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FOX NEWS FIRST: Dems hit the beach in Puerto Rico while shutdown shows no end, new caravan forms

Developing now, Monday, Jan. 14, 2019

SHUTDOWN SHENANIGANS – NO WORK AND ALL PLAY FOR DEMS: With the longest government shutdown in U.S. history entering its fourth week, some 30 Democrats are under fire for traveling to Puerto Rico this weekend to meet with lobbyists and to see a special performance of “Hamilton”While the Democrats also planned on attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC gathering in San Juan and met with Puerto Rican officials to discuss ongoing cleanup efforts from Hurricane Maria, Republicans were angered over images of their Democratic colleagues enjoying the island’s beaches.

“While [President Trump] is in DC working to resolve the government shutdown and secure our border, Democrats are hitting the beach and partying with lobbyists,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted.

Democrats soaked in the sun while a new potential crisis was also on the horizon at the border. A new caravan was reportedly forming in Honduras with plans to head toward the U.S.


WILL BOTH SIDES RETURN TO THE BARGAINING TABLE? –  Congress is set to return Monday for its first full week of work since Democrats assumed control of the House and neither President Trump nor Democratic lawmakers show signs of relenting in the battle over the border wall at the center of the partial government shutdown In an interview with “FOX News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., recommended that President Trump open the government for a period of time – perhaps three weeks – while resuming negotiations and trying to reach a deal with Democrats. If Democrats still refuse to compromise on a deal after three weeks, Graham said, Trump should resort to emergency options to get funding for the border wall.

Meanwhile, the effects are the partial government shutdown are beginning to manifest. Trump is expected to sign legislation this week authorizing back pay for 800,000 federal workers who either have been idled or are working without pay during the shutdown. He is expected to address the American Farm Bureau on Monday. Farmers have supported Trump through a trade war with China, but some are complaining about the loss of loans, payments and other agricultural services because of the shutdown.

Canadian air traffic controllers are buying pizzas for their American counterparts in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Anchorage, Alaska, as a show of support. Some 10,000 air traffic controllers in the U.S. have been working without pay since Dec. 22.

A terminal at Miami International Airport is set to reopen Monday after being closed at times over the weekend due to a shutdown-induced staff shortage. Transportation Security Administration agents have been calling out sick to protest not being paid for their work.

KIDNAPPING-MURDER SUSPECT TO BE CHARGED: The suspect in the kidnapping of a Wisconsin teen and the killing of her parents is scheduled to be formally charged in his first court appearance on Monday … Jake Thomas Patterson , 21, is set to make his initial appearance in Barron County Circuit Court, where prosecutors will formally charge him with two counts of intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping.

Investigators believe Patterson broke into James and Denise Closs’ home near Barron on Oct. 15, blowing the front door open with a shotgun blast. They say he then gunned the couple down and abducted their 13-year-old daughter, Jayme.

Patterson allegedly held Closs captive for nearly three months until she escaped and was spotted on the street, leading to his arrest. Closs’s aunt told FOX News that Patterson had “absolutely” no contact with the family before the slayings. Court documents on Monday could shed light on his alleged motives.

TRUMP TWEET STORM TARGETS BEZOS, WARREN: Two longtime foes of President Trump – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and potential 2020 challenger, Sen. Elizabeth Warren – felt his wrath on Twitter Sunday night … The president coined a new nickname for the Amazon founder, “Jeff Bozo,” and praised the “far more accurate” National Enquirer reporting that revealed Bezos’ alleged affair at the expense of Bezos’ own outlet, The Washington Post. Bezos announced his divorce from wife MacKenzie Bezos last Wednesday, and news of the billionaire’s relationship with former television anchor Lauren Sanchez broke soon afterward.

Trump also mocked Warren, D-Mass., over her New Year’s Eve Instagram livestream Sunday night, saying that the video would have been a “smash” if it had been done “from Bighorn or Wounded Knee instead of her kitchen.”

RAISING THE BARR: William Barr, President Trump’s pick to be the next U.S. attorney general, is expected to be grilled this week during his Senate confirmation hearing before a sharply divided Senate Judiciary Committee … The committee has a new chairman, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Barr on Tuesday will be facing several Democrats who may have 2020 presidential campaign ambitions, including Sen. Cory Booker on New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Barr was attorney general under President George H.W. Bush. He is expected to face questions about his record, his relationship with Trump and his goals for the Justice Department and his views on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.


THE POINT OF THE RUSSIA PROBE – “I really think that the investigation was about Trump from the beginning … That’s what this was all about.” Andrew McCarthy, FOX News contributor, on “FOX & Friends Weekend,” saying that he’s surprised people are “whipped up” about a New York Times report of a secret FBI investigation into whether Trump was working on behalf of Russia shortly after he fired former director James Comey. WATCH

Gregg Jarrett: An FBI that is corrupt and dishonest — Latest reports offer only more proof.
Michael Knowles: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the voice of an ignorant generation.
Todd Starnes: UC Davis students protest photo of slain police officer holding Blue Lives Matter flag.

Ford CEO: U.S. workers don’t have to fear job cuts.
PG&E talking with banks about multibillion dollar bankruptcy financing package: Report.
Ghosn’s wife slams Japan detention as ‘draconian’ in letter.
Beef-friendly Nebraska eyes regulations on the word ‘meat.’
Joe Lieberman: Ocasio-Cortez takes us back to big-spending, big-taxing Democratic Party. 
Five tax reform reminders for 2019 filing season.


On FOX News:

FOX & Friends, 6 a.m. ET: Morgan Ortagus, FOX News contributor, talks about new migrant caravan ready to leave Honduras; Jim McLaughlin, a former pollster for the Trump campaign, talks about the Democratic ticket; Dan Boningo, the former Secret Service agent, talks about his new book, “Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump; Dr. Mehmet Oz, the host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” on aging gracefully; Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor; Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to the president; Michael Goodwin, New York Post columnist, on the 2020 elections.

Your World with Neil Cavuto, 4 p.m. ET: Special guests include: U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va.

The Story With Martha MacCallum, 7 p.m. ET: Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Fox News senior judicial analyst; Ronna McDaniel, RNC chair.

Hannity, 9 p.m. ET: Newt Gingrich, former House speaker; Gregg Jarrett, the FOX News legal analyst and auhtor of “The Russia Hoax.”

The Ingraham Angle, 10 p.m. ET: Monica Crowley; Juan Williams, a co-host on “The Five”; Doug Schoen, FOX News contributor.

On FOX Business:

Mornings with Maria, 6 a.m. ET: Special guests include: Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue; Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News senior judicial analyst; Morgan Ortagus, co-Founder of GO (Global Opportunity) Advisors; Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor.

Varney & Co., 9 a.m. ET: Brian Wesbury, economics editor and a monthly contributor for The American Spectator.

Making Money with Charles Payne, 2 p.m. ET: Vivek Wadhwa, distinguished fellow and adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Engineering at Silicon Valley.

Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman, 3 p.m. ET: Amb. Charles Ries, vice president, International at the RAND Corporation.

On FOX News Radio:

The FOX News Rundown podcast: More of our conversation with Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., who discusses the latest in the Mueller investigation, President Trump’s former personal lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen’s upcoming testimony in February and whether he’s considering running for president in 2020. Financial Expert and author Chris Hogan discusses financial independence and the path to becoming a millionaire and his new book “Everyday Millionaires.” Plus, commentary by Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA.

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The Brian Kilmeade Show, 9 a.m. ET: The latest in the government shutdown, the New York Times’ controversial story on Trump and Russia and the immigration debate will be discussed with the following guests: New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin; “Special Report” host Bret Baier; Deroy Murdock, contributing editor with the National Review; Amb. Dennis Ross; former special assistant to President Barack Obama; John Dowd, former lead Trump counsel in the Russia investigation.

Benson & Harf, 6 p.m. ET: “Special Report” host Bret Baier joins the show to talk about the top headlines of the day!

1970: Diana Ross and the Supremes perform their last concert together, at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas.
1963: George C. Wallace is sworn in as governor of Alabama with the pledge, “Segregation forever!” — a view he would later repudiate.
1784: United States ratifies the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War; Britain would follow suit in April 1784.

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