Neighbor helps family in dramatic house fire rescue: Hes a gift from God

A Texas family of eight was rescued from a fire in their mobile home. (Parker County Emergency Services)

A quick-thinking neighbor came to the rescue of a family-of-eight in Weatherford, Texas, as their house went up in flames early Thursday.

Firefighters had mounted a rescue from a bedroom window, the only room that wasn’t already burned, but footage showed smoke start to quickly fill the room and pour out the window.

“Oh, I got a kid! Got a kid, come on,” a firefighter is heard saying in body camera footage. “Pass me the kid! Pass me the kid!”

Two of the older daughters reportedly ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911, who then helped in the rescue, Fort Worth Star Telegram reported.

Parker County Sheriff’s Department said neighbor Eric Judd helped save them and buy more time by using his iPad as a flashlight to help locate the mother of six, Sarah Leonard, and her children still trapped inside.

Leonard had attempted to take the children out of a bedroom window but couldn’t locate because of the smoke, according to her sister, Leah McDaniel.

“Six babies and my husband. Six babies and my husband,” Sarah repeatedly told firefighters and her neighbors after they got her outside.

Judd then found two kids under a bed when he spotted four feet.

“After we pulled out the second kid, the 10-year-old, the roof collapsed 30 seconds later,” Judd told KTVT.

Their grandmother, Lori McDaniels, praised their neighbor for his heroic deed.

“He’s a gift from God,” she said. “I just am so glad that he was over here and would wake up and come over here in his underwear and save my daughter and kids.”


Officials report that two of the children are in critical condition.

The Parker County Fire Marshal said an electrical fire in the kitchen likely caused the fire.

The Leonard family said they do not have insurance, but a GoFundMe page was set up to help them after they lost all their possessions.

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