Spice Girls Talk Victoria Beckham Not Touring With Them, Mel B’s Money Issues, & Their Emotional Reunion! – Perez Hilton

Like Adele, we’ve been

Sitting down on Heart Breakfast radio talk show, on which Emma Bunton is a co-host, the girls had nothing but lovely things to say about their missing bandmate. Melanie C explained to host Jamie Theakston:

“It is tough because obviously she’s a huge part of the band — she still is… there were times when I was unsure [about reuniting], and we really support each other and the decisions we make. She’s really supporting us. That’s a big part of our ethos… She’s very excited for us.”

Spices supporting Spices. That’s what it’s all about!

Of course, Mel B couldn’t help but throw in a joke, adding:

“She’s joining us at Wembley on June 14.”

Scary’s comedic quips didn’t stop there. When asked if fans could expect new material from the band during next summer’s tour, she replied:

“Yes, we’re recording an album. We’re going into the studio next week.”

Sadly, the rest of the group quickly noted the America’s Got Talent judge was “fibbing.” Mel C then added:

“Obviously we’re going to play all of our hits. We’ve got some really interesting creative ideas, but we’ve want our fans from back in the day to come and enjoy.”

The girls said they’re only reuniting because they, too, get pure enjoyment out of it. When asked if they were touring for the money, they all gave a resounding “no,” before Geri Halliwell added:

“When you chase money that’s the wrong way round. We actually love doing it. Two nights ago we were in my kitchen… we all had this group hug, it got a bit teary.”

But when jokingly asked who “needs the money the most,” Mel B answered:

“Me, because I’m divorced.”

Ha! Forget the reunion tour, we want to see Scary’s stand-up set!

She later clarified though:

“Can I just rectify something? Actually I don’t need the money. I’m quite rich. I’m just doing it because I love you girls.”

As we reported, the girls will be joining forces for six shows in the United Kingdom starting June 1 — but the band has put some additional stadiums on hold, according to BBC Radio 2 host, Chris Evans.

When the girls appeared on Evans’ show earlier Wednesday, Mel B denied that the group’s Wembley Stadium gig would be their last show. Geri then teased that there might be more tour dates “if Mel B behaves herself.” 

We won’t get our hopes up!

[Image via Heart Radio/Twitter/Instagram]

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