Crack the code on Amazon Web Services

Start earning from where you keep spending.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that offers cloud computing platforms through paid subscriptions, so you can host your important files and website information. If you’ve never heard of AWS, you may be shocked to learn it’s a $10 billion per year business and continues to grow. In fact, it’s so powerful, it’s been known to have the ability to break the internet.

That means people who know how to use AWS are in demand right now, and you can get in on the action too with this Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle, on sale for just $69. Anywhere else, the courses in this bundle would cost about $1300, so you’re getting a 94% discount if you enroll today.

Here are the courses included in this massive bundle: 

AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training

This introductory course follows an AWS syllabus to help train you on all the products, services, and solutions that the platform offers. If you can’t tell an S3 bucket from an instance, this course will teach you all the terminology you’ll need to know in an easily digestible way through seven hours of e-learning content and two live projects. 

Introduction to Amazon S3 Training Course

Amazon S3 is one of the many services AWS offers and it provides storage through various interfaces. With this second course, you’ll get an overview of S3 and learn how it integrates with CloudFront and Import/Export services. Once you know how to manage and encrypt S3 files with the tools this course outlines, you’ll be able to dive further into your AWS training.

Introduction to Amazon Route 53 Training

Route 54 is a scalable, fast, and cost-effective way to connect your users to your infrastructure. In this course, you’ll learn about the Amazon DNS service so you can host your own domain names. It’s a quick lesson, and by the end, you’ll understand Route 53’s basics.

Introduction to Amazon EC2 Training Course

EC2, or Elastic Compute Cloud, is one of the more interesting services AWS offers, allowing users to rent virtual computers to run applications, meaning they don’t need to invest in hardware. Learn all about EC2’s best practices and costs in this course, and by the end of it, you’ll create an Amazon Machine Image. While it may sound complicated, the course breaks it down into a self-paced two-hour lesson.

AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course

After these first few courses, you’ll have a pretty basic understanding of how AWS works and how you can implement it efficiently and affordably. The AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course brings everything you’ve learned together so you can have an in-depth understanding of AWS’s architectural principles and services. You may be surprised to know that AWS-certified solution architects make, on average, $126,000 a year so these are lucrative skills to know.

Amazon VPC Training Course

This next course in the bundle goes a little deeper than the introductory ones and will help you understand the basic concepts of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, which is what actually creates the cloud-based networks AWS offers. By course’s end, you’ll learn about subnets, internet gateways, route tables, NAT devices, security groups, and much more. Even better, the VPC training course will show you how to implement these methodologies in real-life scenarios.

AWS Lambda Training Course

This is one of the more technical courses in the bundle, which covers AWS Lambda, a serverless computing platform. If you like coding, this one will be of interest to you, as it teaches you how to deploy Python, NodeJS, and Java codes to Lambda functions. Lambda integrates with all of the other AWS services covered in this bundle, like S3, so you’ll finally be able to bring all of your knowledge together. 

AWS Database Migration Service Course

The last course in the bundle will help you learn how to easily migrate databases to the AWS cloud so that once you know how its services work, you can start actually using it. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills you need to land a job working with AWS and your resume will thank you.

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