Husbands Viral Hunt for Wifes Nail Polish Color Is the Definition of #MarriageGoals

Every woman’s got her own take on the definition of romance. For some, it’s a syrupy-sweet note left on the kitchen counter reminding her how much he cares. For others, it’s an after-work foot rub, or two dozen roses ‘just because.’

But whatever your love language, it’s inarguable that this man right here takes Husband of the Year in the ‘acts of service’ category.


While nobody knows who this anonymous backside belongs to, the Internet is officially head over HEELS for his adorably effortful attempt to find the perfect nail-polish shade for his lady.

Brittney Johnson, an unsuspecting passerby perusing the cosmetic section herself, happened across his intense hunt for the EXACT olive hue she was looking for, and couldn’t help but pause for a quick eavesdrop on the priceless scene.

“I’m sorry, sir, whoever you are.. for posting a pic of your backside for the world to see.. BUT I couldn’t help it,” she opens in her now-viral post.

And we have to agree, she had good reason:

“This man was on the phone with his wife, looking so hard for the EXACT Olive colored nail polish that she wanted. ‘I got this, I got this, I’ll be home in a bit.’

Then he took a picture and sent it to her and she called to help him. He says ‘Ok, so I sent you the pic. Is that the right one? You wanna know the colors close to it? You just want all three colors??’

Effort. Showing someone that whatever is special to them means something to you because they want it, or need it, or just really like it.
Putting yourself a little out of your comfort zone.
Letting yourself feel foolish sometimes for the sake of making your girl (or man) happy.”

Now those are some words of relationship GOLD right there. In the era of the ‘me-centric’ marriage, Brittney’s simple message of servanthood couldn’t be more relevant.

She continues with a takeaway that totally turns the cliché flowers-cards-and-candy style of romance on its head, shedding a little perspective on what REAL lasting love looks like:

“It’s still so cool to me.. the idea of romance.. not being flowers and cards and candy.. but being time, and proof that you’ve actually listened, and support of the things that set that person’s soul on fire. Marrying your best friend, being all for ONE person, that’s still pretty cool.

Don’t settle for less than that y’all. Somebody, somewhere, will love you enough to go shopping alone for your favorite nail polish;)”

Well said, Britt.

…Now, I just gotta find me one of his kind who can land the perfect shade of “pretty princess” pink. 💞 😜

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