Mom Told Him To Be A Superhero Hero For Halloween. The Costume Brought Her To Tears

It’s every parent’s dream that their child looks up to them one day and understands the sacrifices they’ve made to make their lives the best they can be.

Still, when it comes to Halloween, the kind of heroes kids choose to dress up as tend to be more out of this world. From Star Wars to Marvel, kids have so many choices in their costumes, and nowadays they’re pretty detailed and realistic. Dressing up like your favorite character to go trick or treating is awesome, but what about the everyday heroes?

One mom’s story is reminding us that some kids really recognize the sacrifices their parents make and that they know who the real heroes are.

She wrote in an Imgur post, “He had a hard time picking out a costume this year. We walked out of two Halloween stores empty handed, he didn’t wanna be any of the characters… Finally, Sunday night, I just told him to pick his FAVORITE HERO and I’d make the costume the next day. His eyes lit up and he yelled ‘Dad!‘”

“His dad works long hours and rarely gets a day off. Hes not a lawyer or a doctor, as Im sure you all can tell already. He runs a kitchen in a restaurant and comes home greasy, stinky, and exhausted every night. He works really hard to take care of his family.”

“But hes damn proud of his son, and it was obvious when my son rang every door bell and shouted ‘TRICK OR TREAT – IM MY DAD!’ to strangers all night that hes really proud of his dad too. Im just really happy and wanted to share!”

This dynamic duo is proving that there’s no bond like the one between a parent and child. No one knew what he dressed up as for Halloween, but he didn’t care. He put on a costume that represents his real hero! I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

(via BoredPanda)

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