Read this vet’s powerful thread on what it really means to disrespect the flag

Unless you were literally living on a different plane of existence this weekend (which, kudos to you, if you were), you could not have missed President Donald Trump‘s three-day-long tirade against NFL players who have taken a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality.

Trump’s repeated argument is that players who do so are disrespecting the American flag.

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But what does it really mean to disrespect the flag? One man on Twitter broke it down by going line-by-line through the U.S. code regarding the flag and… you might be surprised by what really disrespects Old Glory.


Turns out it’s not NFL players disrespecting the flag, but organizations.


It’s also a lot of patriotic Americans.


Who love to drink Budweiser.


And decorate their home in red-white-and-blue paraphernalia.


Most Fourth of July barbeques are extremely disrespectful.


College football is out of the question.


But what about kneeling? Well…



And as for the men and women in service who may be offended by players’ behavior…



One might say that should settle things, but… we doubt it.


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