6 Ways Me And The Boys Messed Around With My Nanas Stair Lift Ranked By How Sick My Nana Thought It Was

My nana’s got a stair lift in her house because she’s old as fuck and her bones are all crackly and frail. She’s also super twisted and loves wild shit. Here’s a bunch of ways me and the boys messed around with her stair lift ranked by how sick my nana thought it was.

6. Cranking up the stair lift speed to the fastest setting and lettin’ ’er rip: We thought this was gonna be more badass than it was, but it turns out these stair lift things don’t go that fast. It was pretty embarrassing honestly. My nana didn’t think this one was cool at all, and she booed us for a little while and then took a nap in her big chair.

5. Putting a surfboard on the chair and getting Rich, Blake, and Troy up on there at the same time: I knew we were onto something here because as soon as we got the surfboard out, my nana started saying, “There you go! Now, there you go! All right, now we got something going!” Then when Troy fell off and busted his ass on the stairs, she started howling like a wolf. My nana thinks it’s super funny when people bust their ass or get hit in the balls or whatever. She’s on YouTube all the time watching shit like that. Every time I come over to her house she shows me a bunch of them on her computer. That’s her sense of humor. The surfboard trick is still ranked pretty low because Nana thought it was only a little bit sick, but she still liked watching it.

4. Lining the stair lift with firecrackers: Blake had the genius idea to put some fireworks at different points on the stair lift so they would explode when the stair lift went past ’em. It was sick as hell and almost practically lit the house on fire, but nana completely missed it because she fell asleep in her big chair. Just part of being old as fuck, I guess. Anyways, we woke her up and told her about it and she agreed it sounded pretty sick. Wish she’d seen it, but oh well.

3. Tying Xander’s legs to the stair lift chair and seeing if it could drag him all the way up the stairs: Soon as the stair lift started to drag Xander up the stairs, my nana started pounding the kitchen table and screaming, “Faster!” So we made it go faster and—okay, this is fucking hilarious—it started to pull Xander’s pants down a little so you could see his ass crack and my nana just busted out laughing and started screaming that she was gonna piss herself. Luckily she didn’t piss herself. But she said she was almost gonna and we thought she might because sometimes you piss yourself when you’re old as fuck and howling at some dope-ass shit like Xander getting his pants pulled down by the stair lift. I’m glad she didn’t piss herself that time, though. That would’ve been so weird. Anyway, my nana thought this trick was really fucking sick, which is why it’s coming in at number three on the list.

2. Troy going down the stair lift with an air-soft gun and shooting at us the whole way down: For real, though, Troy is such a dick with that air-soft gun. He’s always busting it out and shooting us in the ass and we’ll all have, like, huge welts for, like, a week. I swear, if Troy wasn’t going through such a hard time with his parents getting a divorce and everything, I would completely kick his ass. Goddamn. Anyways, my nana thought it was sick as hell when he came down the stair lift shooting us with his air-soft gun. She was, like, screeching and shit. For real. My nana thinks guns are awesome. She’s always sending me pictures of guns she finds online that people are trying to sell illegally on Facebook and craigslist and shit. She doesn’t even have a gun. She just thinks they’re cool.

1. Stacking all us boys up on top of each other on the stair lift chair and coming down as fast as possible: Okay, this was seriously scary. We could’ve definitely fallen off and died or something. But it paid off because it made my nana go absolutely ape-shit. Soon as she saw us coming down the thing all stacked on top of each other going way too fast, she raised her walker up in the air all triumphantly and started cheering. I haven’t seen her think something was that sick since the time my uncle’s eyeball popped out during touch football at our family reunion one year. I was sure the stair lift was gonna break, but dang, that thing is sturdy as hell. I mean, we were definitely over the weight limit, but somehow it didn’t break. It was sick. When it was over, my nana was just stomping around the house with her walker screaming, “Fuck damn yes!” a bunch of times really loud at nobody in particular. Eventually her old-ass bones got pretty tired out and she had to take a nap in her big chair. I love my nana. She’s the best.

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Hurricane essentials: 12 must-have items to help you survive the storm

Widespread devastation. Barely habitable. The powerful storm heading towards Americans is a threat. Like those in Hurricane Harvey’s path, many more Americans could soon be without power and other basic support services – and may be so for several days.

Harvey was a Category 4 with mean winds up to 156 mph that caused severe damage to well-built homes and blew over trees.

Irma is currently predicted to be worse – a category 5 with destructive winds more powerful than 157 mph. Category 5s can destroy entire buildings and make roads unusable, isolating people and making it difficult for the government to access them and provide assistance.

Are you ready for a hurricane to strike? What if you need to suddenly leave your home for a few days? Is your “go bag” prepared with the right essential items in case you need to evacuate to safety?

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but a few key essentials to help cope when a hurricane strikes. Build your hurricane “go bag” and duffel in advance with the very best stuff used by tactical professionals- but available to civilians too.

Gear up and get ready!

Select a Go Bag

Let’s start with the “go bag.” This is where you carry all your key survival essentials.

With hurricanes this dangerous you may need to be ready to leave your home and head to a safe area. About 100,000 homes were hit by Harvey, for example. Florida has already begun evacuations.

Any sturdy backpack you use regularly and are comfortable with can work well.


If you want to invest in something a tactical professional would use, then Vertx EDC Gamut is a top choice. Military quality, but with a smart civilian look.  The pack is designed to withstand elite team missions so it will effortlessly take a beating. It can be fully loaded out and has heaps of engineering to make it comfortable to carry for the longest trudges through hurricane floods. Priced at $199.95.

The Blue Force Gear Jedburgh pack is very versatile and the incredibly smart Dapper organization system provides a huge advantage –especially in a crisis – because it makes everything easily and rapidly accessible. Definitely another top option. It comes in different colors and is available for $140. 

Patagonia’s Black Hole 25L with durable water-repellent finish is another great option and will keep your contents dry in hurricane rains. Black Hole comes in different sizes and retails for about $100.

Stay Connected to Help

A hurricane can mean no Wi-Fi, no electricity, no television, no computers, no power to charge your phone … so it is very important to have a radio.

The water resistant, simple-to-use Eton FR600 endorsed by the American Red Cross has AM, FM, seven NOAA weather channels and S.A.M.E. Technology so that you can track the hurricane’s progress and find out about available support – anytime, anywhere.

Use the smart “Alert” mode that automatically alerts you when the national weather service posts vital data – so you don’t have to listen to the weather nonstop.

Features like the speakers you can use to plug in your own music and the morning alarm allow you to bring some home conveniences with you.

There’s also an SOS siren to use if you need help.

This radio can be charged a few ways. Cranking only takes about 90 seconds to charge. The solar panel powers a built-in battery. And you can also use regular batteries.

Power Through a Crisis

Bring your own power to the crisis. Hurricane Sandy caused about 8.1 million homes to lose power with outages affecting 17 states. Expect that there will be no electricity available.


Put a device like the Voltaic Fuse 6W Solar Charger on your go bag. Lightweight and about magazine sized, it is one of the very best options that will give you a four-to-one ratio of reliable smartphone charge for the time you expose it to sunlight.

Retails for $129.

Looks like a briefcase, acts like a reliable solar power generator that is easy to carry.  For more power on the go, Renogy KIT-FIREFLY 20W All-in-One Generator Kit weighs only 12 pounds but delivers 20W so will definitely help keep phones and radios charged.

Always Have a Solar Powered Flashlight Ready

It’s extremely important that every family member has a flashlight. The GoalZero Black Flash Flashlights ($40) are excellent. They’re lightweight and small, and charged by the sun so you will not have to worry about running out of batteries.

Access to Clean Water in a Flood

We take access to clean water for granted in the U.S., but natural disasters like a hurricane can potentially disrupt clean water supply.

FEMA recommends at least one gallon per person per day for emergency preparedness. Important to keep in mind that humans can survive a lot longer without food than they can water. But where do you get water when there’s no water coming out of the faucet or it comes out looking dirty?

You need to make sure you have a way to clean water. With the right device, you can take water from a puddle or a swimming pool and safely hydrate. And this is important – look at the flooding in Texas. Tests have revealed sewage, fecal bacteria, E. Coli and more that can make humans extremely ill have contaminated the flood water at very high levels.

Images of Americans trapped in cars that have been flooded or stuck on the roof of their homes in Harvey’s aftermath are a stark reminder that it is important to always have access to clean water during flooding.

Pop the lightweight tube on a lanyard called LifeStraw in your go bag and you will immediately be able to remove more than 99 percent of bacteria and protozoa and will process up to 264 gallons from any water you come across.

This is also something you can put around a child’s neck so it is always available and at hand. Another great option is the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle available at $29.16.

First Aid Kit

Designed by a Special Forces veteran with 28 years of combat experience, one of the very best first aid kits that is the highest military standard but available to help you and your family is the ReadyMan Ultimate Kit.

If you are going to invest in one thing, then it should be having to hand things that can save your life and others. The ReadyMan TNT First Aid Trauma Pack is available for $277.95.

At a lower price point, ReadyMan also makes a very popular Medical Card. Simply jam packed with essential medical tools in the size of a credit card, you can slip in your wallet or pocket. Put this into your current first aid kit to ramp it up. Available for $13.

Duffel Hurricane Defeater

You have a go bag, but how do you prepare for being on the go for more than a few days?

Get smart and proactive. Choose a waterproof duffel and stock it up.

There are a lot of great options on the market, but the two true standouts are Yeti’s newly debuted Panga and Grundens Gage Shackleton Waterproof. Both will give you the comfort of knowing that no matter how much water a hurricane unleashes, day after day your sleeping bag and clothes will be utterly dry. Those both will last a lifetime of adventures and have smart features.


Panga has super smart pocket design ideal for emergency circumstances. The Shackleton Duffel easily converts to a backpack when you deploy the hidden straps.

With the Panga, you get YETI’s engineering that made tumblers and coolers basically indestructible. That level of excellence applied to keeping your belongings dry no matter what.  Available starting at about $300.

At a lower price point of $115, the Shackleton is an incredible deal. Grundens are masterful at defeating water and rain. Founded by a fisherman’s son to better protect fishermen, Grundens has been innovating to defeat the most extreme ocean conditions and stormy waters for more than 100 years.  Professional fishermen rely on the company’s products in scary extreme weather at sea – and you can too when facing a hurricane.


Do not expect to be able to pop down to your local grocery and pick up food. With flooding, access to food could take days. It is important to stock your go bag with lightweight nutrition like protein bars.

For your vehicle or duffel, you need to stock up for at least several days of food. Bear in mind that after you evacuate, you might not have access to electricity or a kitchen to make food.

One outstanding option is Mountain House. They have kits containing from two to 14-day supplies. Their emergency “buckets” will provide tasty, freeze dried, loaded with nutrition meals that only need hot water to prepare. Options range from lasagna to scrambled eggs.

Mountain House makes Long Range Patrol rations or “LRPS” (now called Meal, Cold Weather) for the United States military.

Designed to help U.S. Special Forces to be at their very best while operating in every extreme climate and terrain, LRPs are now available to civilians too with options like chicken and rice and breakfast skillet.

Kits for 72 Hours, for 2 people start at $147.

Bring the Heat

A warm meal or hot drink can be a real boost to morale in a crisis. Without electricity, that will be tough unless you’ve planned in advance and made sure you have a stove. The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove is definitely one of the best options and it is available for $130.

Defend Electronics

Make sure to pop your electronics in something waterproof. Freegrace Waterproof Lightweight Dry Sack/Dry Bags is another great option and comes with double zip lock seals to extra protect your things if they get submerged underwater.

Another standout, it comes with a waterproof phone case so you can still text and talk while out in hurricane rain. Fantastic value for max protection.

Protect Medicine, Important Documents, and Precious Possessions

With emergencies, it is extremely important to prepare critical things you might need in advance.

Things like birth certificates, passports, irreplaceable photos, medicine for medical conditions, a paper map in the event you can’t use your phone to navigate … these things need to be kept safe – and dry.


Magpul is renowned for its revolutionary, smart designs. With the PMAG, for example, they’ve transformed magazines, in a way that will save warfighter lives. In fact, the Marine Corps and now the Air Force has adopted them.

The Magpul DAKA Pouch comes in different sizes and will keep your precious things safe from hurricane rains, flooding, mud and more.

$22.95 lots of colors.

Last Line of Defense

Ziplocs are also great to use as a final line of defense.  If you don’t have a laminated map, then you can keep a map safe in a Ziploc. Garbage bags are very useful too in case clothing gets wet, then you can separate it and keep things dry.

Forewarned is Forearmed

You can find already prepared packs at reliable sources like the Red Cross. The Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit starts at $49.45 and the Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit is $99.95.

Make sure to think about things tailored to your family. For example, if you have children then cards, lightweight travel-sized board games may be a good idea to pass the time.

And do your research. Watch instructional videos by elite military professionals who are experts in survival, like ReadyMan, for detailed advice. 

Allison Barrie is a defense specialist with experience in more than 70 countries who consults at the highest levels of defense and national security, a lawyer with four postgraduate degrees, and author of the definitive guide, Future Weapons: Access Granted, on sale in 30 countries.  Barrie hosts the new hit podcast “Tactical Talk”  where she gives listeners direct access to the most fascinating Special Operations warriors each week and to find out more about the FOX Firepower host and columnist you can click here or follow her on Twitter @allison_barrie and Instagram @allisonbarriehq.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/09/07/hurricane-essentials-12-must-have-items-to-help-survive-storm.html

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Cap tables, share structures, valuations, oh my! A case study of early-stage funding

For many entrepreneurs, especially first-time founders, raising outside capital can be daunting. Between all of the new vocabulary — like “term sheets,” “capitalization tables,” “pro rata” and different valuation metrics — and the very real legal implications of the agreements being signed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

When you’re first starting out (or just need a refresher), it’s often best to learn from examples. So, that’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to explain the basic mechanics of the first rounds of funding, some of the key terms involved and how different types of financial instruments and deal structures work. Let’s start a company and build a capitalization table! And, for the sake of keeping this accessible, we’re going to try to keep the terms simple.

(Also note: All companies and funds mentioned in this article are fictitious and presented for the sake of example. Any resemblance to real firms is purely coincidental.)

Founding a new company

Let’s start at the beginning. Imagine two founders, Jack and Jill. Their idea: The Internet of Wings, a buffalo chicken restaurant featuring drone delivery to all of Silicon Valley and beyond.

They work with a lawyer to set up a corporation. The two decide to split their stakes at a 60-40 ratio, with the majority going to Jill because she’s going to serve as CEO and has the technical background to make the scalable part of the business — drone-based delivery — a reality. They also decide to set aside 20 percent of the shares in an equity pool for future employees. So, here’s how the ownership stakes break down at the start:

  • 48 percent to Jill
  • 32 percent to Jack
  • 20 percent for an employee pool

Internet of Wings Inc. (abbreviated IoW, like IoT, but involving poultry) was established as a Delaware C corporation — the standard type of legal entity for venture-backed startups — with 10,000,000 shares of Common Stock outstanding, issued at a par value of $0.001 per share. With this, in the eyes of the law, the company is now valued at $10,000. Here is the capitalization table for the company at this point:

Jack sets to work developing a chicken sandwich that appears to be lovingly hand-crafted, even when produced at industrial scale. And he may or may not have taken “inspiration” from Apple’s patented pizza boxes when creating packaging to keep the sandwiches intact and warm, but not soggy, during the short airlift from IoW’s rented kitchen space to the customer. Meanwhile, Jill hacks together a drone capable of flying chicken sandwiches hither and yon.

After months of working nights and weekends, they go to a park — their Kitty Hawk — and successfully make their first flight, which was captured on video and subsequently went viral on Periscope. With demonstrated demand for the novel idea but no cash to cover the costs of the business, Jill determines it’s time to raise some outside capital in a seed round.

Seed-round dynamics

Seed rounds come in two main flavors: priced and unpriced. A priced seed round is much like any other round of funding in that the company is given a valuation, and shares in the company are purchased for cash by investors at a price determined by that valuation.

But today, due to their popularity relative to their priced cousins, as well as their unique structures and financial instruments, we’re going to focus on unpriced seed rounds in this section.

As the name suggests, in an unpriced round, the company is not given a valuation, and the investor isn’t necessarily purchasing a known amount of equity at the time of investment. Rather, it’s an agreement between the investor and the company to issue shares in a future, priced round in exchange for an infusion of cash at the time the unpriced Seed deal is struck.

The two most common financial instruments used in unpriced seed rounds are convertible notes and so-called Simple Agreements for Future Equity (or “SAFE notes”). A convertible note is a financial instrument that is issued first as debt, but then converts to equity under predetermined conditions, such as raising a priced round. A SAFE note is like a convertible note, except it’s not a debt instrument, meaning that SAFE notes don’t carry an obligation to pay interest. Introduced in late 2013 by Y Combinator, the prominent Silicon Valley-based incubator program, SAFE notes are generally thought to be more founder-friendly than convertible notes precisely because they aren’t treated like debt, so they don’t have a maturity date or interest payments associated with them. And as an added point of convenience, the agreements tend to be short, and there are comparatively fewer terms for founders to negotiate.

Risk management

Because seed investors take on a lot of risk by investing in very early-stage companies, they’ll oftentimes add a number of provisions to their investment agreements to ensure they get a sufficiently large piece of the company to justify that risk. Two of the most common provisions in unpriced rounds are “discounts” and “valuation caps.”

True to its name, a discount provision grants investors the right to purchase shares at a discount from the price of shares in the next funding round. In this case, the next round is Series A, which is typically the first priced funding round a company experiences (and the point at which the convertible note or SAFE would convert to shares). Separately, a valuation cap puts a ceiling on the valuation of the company such that the investor can ensure they get a certain percentage share of a company. This helps prevent a runaway valuation from squeezing the percentage share they’d be able to purchase in the company.

The seed deal

Back to Jack and Jill. They decide to raise capital in an unpriced seed round for their startup. They figure they need to raise $5 million to get their company off the ground. After soliciting introductions from their network, and lots of back and forth, they find two investors eager to commit the entirety of the round.

Opaque Ventures agrees to a $2.5 million SAFE with a 20 percent discount provision, and BlackBox Capital will invest $2.5 million in a SAFE that has a $10 million valuation cap on the company’s pre-money valuation. Agreements are signed, money is wired to the company’s bank account and Jack and Jill resume the process of building their venture.

It’s important to note that at this time no new shares have been created, and the value of the company remains the same because, again, this is an “unpriced” round where no new value is assigned.

Series A dynamics

Fast-forward 18 months. Business is booming, with a fleet of drones buzzing all around the Bay Area delivering chicken sandwiches to hungry customers. Jill and Jack have marshalled the financial resources from their seed round well, having invested heavily in R&D, a few good engineering hires and a few agreements with drone manufacturers overseas. But despite rapid growth, the company isn’t profitable and only has eight months left before it runs out of cash.

It’s time to raise a Series A round. If a company hasn’t already raised a priced round, Series A is typically when the shares of a startup receive their first valuation.

Amongst venture capitalists and other startup investors, it’s common to hear two types of valuations mentioned: “pre-money” and “post-money.” Put simply, a pre-money valuation is the value of the company prior to (hence “pre-”) the round’s infusion of capital. The post-money valuation is the value of the company after the round is complete, and it’s usually calculated by adding the amount of money raised in the round to the pre-money valuation.

The deal

Jack and Jill went to Sand Hill to raise their Series A. They want to raise $7 million. They meet with many, many investors, and ultimately work out a deal with two new firms. One of their previous investors, BlackBox, opted to participate in the round. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Cormorant Ventures will lead the round by investing $4 million
  • Provident Capital is participating with its investment of $2 million
  • BlackBox Capital rounds out the round with $1 million

Analysts at Cormorant Ventures determine that Internet of Wings Inc. is worth $15 million prior to any investment. This is its “pre-money valuation.” Although it’s tempting to think that the company’s post-money valuation would be $22 million (by summing the pre-money valuation and the amount being raised here) we’ll see that the post-money valuation is actually a bit higher due to the discount and cap provisions used by the seed investors.

The final signing of checks and legal paperwork sets off a cascade of conversions and capitalization table adjustments as the company issues new shares to its investors.

Seed conversions

Let’s start with our seed investors whose investments will convert to equity at this stage.

Opaque Ventures invested $2.5 million in a SAFE with the ability to purchase shares at a 20 percent discount to the pre-money valuation at Series A. The Series A price is $1.50 per share ($15 million pre-money valuation divided by 10 million shares, the number of shares originally created when the firm was incorporated, which we noted earlier), so at a 20 percent discount ($1.20 per share), Opaque Ventures’ $2.5 million investment converts to 2,083,333 shares ($2.5 million divided by $1.20 per share) valued at $3.125 million, a 1.25x multiple on invested capital.

In the seed round, BlackBox Capital invested $2.5 million in a SAFE with a valuation cap of $10 million. This allows them to purchase shares at $1.00 per share ($10 million cap / 10 million shares outstanding), resulting in the purchase of 2.5 million shares from their seed investment. At the new $1.50 share price, BlackBox Capital’s seed investment is now valued at $3.75 million, a 1.5x multiple on invested capital.

Series A investors

At a Series A stock price of $1.50, Cormorant Ventures purchased 2,666,666 shares with its $4 million investment. Provident Capital purchased 1,333,333 shares with its $2 million investment. And with its $1 million follow-on funding in the Series A round, BlackBox Capital purchases an additional 666,666 shares of Series A stock.

Ownership breakdown

Here’s how the ownership of the company breaks down after the Series A round. Let’s start first with our capitalization table after the Series A funding round is complete:

The post-money valuation of the company after raising its Series A round is roughly $28.875 million. Recall our temptation to say the post-money valuation should be $22 million ($15 million pre-money valuation plus $7 million raised in the round), but that would be incorrect in this case.

Clauses like valuation caps and discounts allow investors to purchase shares at a price lower than the prevailing price per share. This increases the number of shares they are able to purchase, and thus results in more shares being created.

To further illustrate that, let’s think about what would have happened if IoW’s seed investors didn’t implement caps or discounts. They would have been issued stock at the regular share price of $1.50 and, accordingly, wound up with a smaller percentage of the company. The terms they put into their investment agreements both raised the post-money valuation of the company by generating more shares and served to give these investors a larger chunk of the company than they’d otherwise be entitled to if they purchased shares at the $1.50/share price paid by Series A investors.

Here’s the percentage breakdown of the company’s different share classes between seed and Series A rounds:

One of the other important things to note is that, on a percentage basis, Jack, Jill and the employee equity pool’s relative share of the company has decreased on a percentage basis. This is known as dilution. Financially, dilution isn’t really a big deal, because even a shrinking slice of the proverbial pie is still valuable if the size of the pie — the value of the company — continues to grow. For example, although holders of Common Stock own just 52 percent of the company after its Series A round, their collective stake is now valued at $15 million. And so long as share prices continue to increase in subsequent rounds, the value of their stock will continue to increase, as well, even as they continue to be diluted.

(Down rounds flip the math here, both diluting current shareholders and driving down the value of their stake. More on that in a coming piece.)

Where dilution does matter, though, is in the control and voting structure of the company. In most voting agreements, voting power is often tied to the number and type of shares held by a given shareholder; founders and other investors can find themselves outnumbered during key votes as their percentage ownership of the company is diluted. This is the principal reason why many investors include anti-dilution provisions — to maintain their control in a company.

What we learned

Raising outside money is one of the more esoteric aspects of being an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t need to be confusing. Although we used relatively simple terms here, we discussed the differences between pre- and post-money valuations, saw how different types of deal terms affect valuation and percentage ownership and explained how raising new rounds of funding can lead to dilution of founders’ and early investors’ stakes in a company over time.

Things are often considerably messier in the real world, but the underlying mechanics discussed here still hold.

Top image credit: iStockPhoto / gorodenkoff

Wing-Drone Image: Li-Anne Dias

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/06/cap-tables-share-structures-valuations-oh-my-a-case-study-of-early-stage-funding/

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Mom Walks In On Dad And Daughter Doing Something Almost Too Sweet For Words

So often, the most precious moments between parents and their children aren’t caught on camera.

Even though cameras are constantly at our fingertips, living in the moment means putting our phones down and really paying attention. And kids need A LOT of attention. Every now and then, though, someone captures a truly special interaction.

When one mom walked into the kitchen and saw something beautiful happening between father and daughter, she pulled out her phone and captured this.

These two are the sweetest. Totally adorable.

She’ll be able to cherish this bonding experience with her father for the rest of her life. Tell us about your favorite father-daughter moments in the comments!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/kitchen-dance/

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Europeans need not apply: evidence mounts of discrimination in UK

Government investigates evidence EU nationals are blocked from jobs and from renting or buying homes

The government equalities office is to examine growing evidence that EU nationals in the UK are being illegally prevented from renting or buying properties, getting jobs and booking holidays.

Nick Gibb, the equalities minister, said he was responding after Labour and the EU citizens rights campaign group the3million sent him a dossier of more than two dozen examples of job, housing and other adverts, many of which invite applications only from those with UK or Irish citizenship.

In a parliamentary answer, Gibb told MPs that he office is aware of, and is looking into reports of rising discrimination against EU nationals looking for work in the UK or buying property and services after Brexit.

Campaigners repeatedly found job adverts that clearly specify that those applying must have British passports. Examples collected include an advert for a graduate sales executive in Bristol specifying German language skills but restricting the job to full UK passport holders. An advert for a Solihull-based research job with an international management consultancy specified that the candidate must have the right to stay and work permanently in the UK, and a valid UK passport. Another job recovering hire cars from France and Spain and delivering them back to Britain was restricted to UK passport holders only.

Other examples collected by Labour and the3million included:

  • Rental properties advertised for UK citizens only or outlining different terms for EU nationals.
  • Travel agencies declining to take bookings from non-British or non-Irish citizens and cancelling the holidays already booked by EU nationals from other countries.
  • A law firm advising that employment contracts incorporate clauses that specify that the loss of right to work will result in immediate dismissal.

However, a number of the companies included in the dossier mostly little-known firms or agencies said their ads were either old, made in error or posted with a typo when contacted by the Guardian. Two said their original advertisements involved administrative or clerical errors and had been reposted with clearer wording.

The Guardian spoke with a number of EU nationals who recalled recent instances of discrimination. Natasha, a 42-year-old Polish teaching assistant who asked for her surname to remain private, said she was completely blindsided when a education recruitment agency asked her for proof of permission to work in the UK.

I was completely taken aback and thought it must be incompetence but their response was very confused saying I need a permanent residency document or a work permit, neither of which you need, said Natasha, who has been in the UK for six years and entitled to work under EU law.

It freaked me out. At the time I needed work.

She added that she and her friends are also afraid to move from rented accommodation because landlords dont know if they will make them secure tenants after March 2019.

Labour MP for Sheffield Central, Paul Blomfield, who forwarded the examples to ministers, said he was deeply concerned that EU nationals were experiencing discrimination within the service industry and within the labour market.

The junior shadow Brexit minister said: I am sure that you would agree these reports are a cause for alarm, reflecting uncertainty across the business sector and discrimination experienced by EU nationals. The lack of detail forthcoming from the government is contributing to this climate of uncertainty and confusion.

A Commons written answer by Gibb, slipped out on Saturday, responded by saying that Britain had some of the strongest anti-discrimination laws in the world and pledging to ensure that these rights were protected.

The government equalities office is aware of, and is looking into, the reports of discrimination against non-UK EU nationals seeking employment which [have been] forwarded to the secretary of state for exiting the EU, it said.

The GEO sponsors the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which has powers to enforce the Equality Act 2010 in cases where it suspects unlawful discrimination in employment may have occurred.

The Department for Education confirmed it was looking at the dossier of evidence supplied to it but denied that the investigation constituted any form of official review or inquiry.

Blomfield responded to the announcement of the review saying: This investigation into these extremely worrying cases is welcome, but it must lead to action. The government needs to be clear that discrimination will not be tolerated.

A 41-year-old German woman who arrived in the UK in 1998, who preferred to remain anonymous, said she was refused a test drive at a car dealership in Stockport because her driving licence was European and due to Brexit no longer valid.

She said: I felt angry, upset and singled out. My other half (British) got very annoyed and verbal. My other half tweeted outrage and they replied to him and said to get in touch with head office.

Another woman in Edinburgh, 48, who arrived in the UK from Greece 25 years ago, said she was told she needed a British passport to apply to finance furniture.

I was committed to make a big purchase and I had to break it, she said. In the end I paid for 1,500 worth of goods and the rest of the kitchen units were bought by my joiner. I was denied a financial service by an EU company operating in the UK due to my EU passport. This does not feel right. I think some people are using Brexit as an excuse to bully us.

A spokesperson for the3Million campaign group said the dossier was only the tip of the iceberg: Discrimination is subtle and often hard to prove. The examples we have seen in job adverts are only the tip of the iceberg.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/sep/11/no-europeans-need-apply-growing-evidence-discrimination-uk-brexit

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This NASA-backed experiment raises a big point about overcoming conflict.

When your roommate eats the last Oreo in the freezer, that’s an annoyance. When your roommate eats the last Oreo you’ll see in months, you might have a problem.

On Sept. 17, six volunteer crew members emerged from eight months of isolation. Their quarantine, part of a NASA-backed study by the University of Hawaii, could one day help humanity plan a drama-free Mars mission.

For the last eight months, the six volunteers lived in a tiny shelter on the slopes of an active volcano, sharing their living space, meager kitchen, and solitary shower.

From a distance, their house-sized habitat looked like a golf ball sitting in the loneliest sand trap in the universe. Photo from HI-SEAS V Crew/University of Hawaii News/Flickr.

The shelter wasn’t exactly luxurious. Sleeping spaces were small, food mostly came in freeze-dried pouches or cans, and communication with the outside world was purposefully delayed 20 minutes to simulate vast interplanetary distances.

And outside? The forbidding, rocky landscape of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano surrounded them. If that wasn’t discouraging enough, actually going outside was strictly limited: teams only and spacesuits mandatory.

Given all that, it’d be understandable for everyone to get a little cabin fever. But that was the point.

If we want to send humans to Mars, it’s going to mean asking them to spend a long time alone — at least a year. And with even relatively simple, robot-based Mars missions costing a few billion dollars, we don’t want personality problems derailing a mission. This study will help NASA learn how to help people get along during their long spaceflight.

The HI-SEAS V crew. From left to right: Brian Ramos, Laura Lark, Ansley Barnard, Samuel Payler, Joshua Ehrlich, and James Bevington. Photo from University of Hawaii News/Flickr.

The group used a variety of methods to track their emotional states, from journals to voice recorders. They also tested ways to de-stress, like using virtual reality to take a trip to a tropical beach.

One big takeaway? Even the best teams have conflict sometimes. What’s important is how you deal with it.

“We’ve learned, for one thing, that conflict, even in the best of teams, is going to arise,” principal investigator and professor Kim Binsted told the AP. “So what’s really important is to have a crew that, both as individuals and a group, is really resilient, is able to look at that conflict and come back from it.”

Binsted couldn’t share any details about this year’s crew but said in an email that past crews have dealt with things like miscommunications, the stress of problems back home, and — yes — what to do when a favorite food runs out.

This was the fifth of six planned missions. For their efforts, the newly-freed crew was rewarded with a buffet of food, including fresh pineapple, mango, papaya, and doughnuts. None of it appeared to have been freeze-dried.

NASA hopes to send humans to Mars as soon as the 2030s.

Read more: http://www.upworthy.com/this-nasa-backed-experiment-raises-a-big-point-about-overcoming-conflict

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Mom Catches Boyfriend Cheating & Heads to Abortion ClinicThen a Card Falls Out of Her Wallet

What do you do when you’re a single mom with three small kiddos, a cheating boyfriend and a positive pregnancy test? For Kimberly Henderson, the only thing to do was seek help at an abortion clinic.

She couldn’t bear to face people, and the world, as a single mother with FOUR children.

Photo/Kimberly Henderson

Kimberly spent seven hours in the waiting room of an abortion clinic, trying to convince herself that she was OK with what was about to happen.

“I sat in the abortion clinic for nearly 7 hours. I remember wearing a pink t-shirt that was soaking wet from crying.”

There’s no doubt that Kimberly knew she was making a terrible mistake. God says He has better plans for us though, and this sweet mama is living proof of that.

“Today I was at the abortion clinic. I had my mind made up. My boyfriend was cheating on me. I have small kids, what will people think?? I kept telling myself I’m all alone I need to do this. Sitting there..I could hardly make out anyone or anything through the tears. People were eating fast food around me, laughing, texting. I on the other hand was a wreck. I kept my face down, my face was drenched in tears. I kept telling and giving myself every reason to go through with this even though I did not believe in it. I kept saying I’m on birth control this could not happen..I kept trying to justify it. But my heart was heavy. I felt like I was about to make a horrible horrible decision and God was giving me signs to not do it.”

God was literally throwing road blocks at Kimberly all day. Everything from a sick kiddo, finding a babysitter, getting lost and missing her appointment were the signs she knew God was giving her.

“I woke up this morning, my daughter was sick I had to find a sitter, I got lost, my car broke down for about 15 mins and I got here late but they still got me in. I prayed God would stop and give me a sign, give me the strength to get up and walk out of here..

The lady called me to the desk. Last step before you go back. I fumbled through my wallet to find my drivers license and out fell a card a couple left on the table Saturday night when I was working… It had their church name on it.. On the back was a common verse…

‘Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10
I knew God was speaking to me.”

Not only was God giving her signs, but also angels!

“Two of my best friends called me just in time and said the most comforting things. ‘I will be there for you..There’s a reason God gave you that gift.’”

Kimberly had made up her mind and was ready to leave the clinic, and was reminded one more time that she was 100 percent making the right decision by keeping this beautiful little blessing.

“I told the lady I changed my mind. As I was about to walk out. A young girl no older than probably 19 says to me..”Are you going to do it?” I told her I couldn’t.. She said..”I wish I could be brave like you..” I told her she was brave and she could do the same thing. She said she had to do it because of some serious circumstances.. As I turned around she said..”When you see your baby’s face for the first time you’re gonna be so glad you walked out of here today.”

Pouring tears I walked out and felt a huge weight off my shoulders. No matter what your circumstances are God doesn’t make mistakes and he is here for you.”

Kimberly’s testimony is one that speaks volumes about God’s love for all of His children. She says that the Lord’s guidance that day truly changed her life.

Photo/Kimberly Henderson

“Most of all I remember the enormous amount of relief and strength I felt when I walked out those doors. No guilt. No shame. No regrets. I remember feeling that this all… This all has to mean something one day. My daughter Vaida Everly has a purpose. Her name means beautiful life. And lord she is just that.. A beautiful life. After a scary pregnancy, and after countless weak moments thinking I just could not do this by myself.. September 12, 2013, I welcomed my beautiful Vaida Everly into this world with both my best friends by my side.”

That beautiful baby girl, along with the other three incredible children that Kimberly has the privilege of being a mommy to, are her entire world.

Photo/Kimberly Henderson

“I remember seeing her for the first time and bursting into tears. And engraved in my head were the words that girl told me before leaving the clinic that day. “When you see your baby’s face for the first time you are going to be so happy you walked out of here today..” She was beyond right. 6lbs 4oz of pure perfection and no matter what pain I felt physically and emotionally… She gave me a feeling of joy that I can’t even explain. A kind of joy that if a war was going on outside I wouldn’t even know it. I am so in love.

My once tiny 6lb baby is now 18lbs. Full of life. Full of energy. Loves to laugh. Loves to smile.”

Photo/Kimberly Henderson

“And last but not least she is that beautiful baby girl I was singing to at midnight in the kitchen. The video that has touched millions of people all over the world. Singing to her in our kitchen for a memory keep sake is the reason our entire life is about to change. For the good. For the better. She was meant to be here.

I’m so lucky.  “

Read more: http://faithit.com/mom-catches-boyfriend-cheating-heads-abortion-clinic-card-falls-wallet/

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Under Investigation For False Health Claims

An advertising watchdog has filed a complaint against Gwyneth Paltrow’s now infamous lifestyle company, Goop. The nonprofit Truth in Advertising (TINA) sent out a letter to two district attorneys connected to the California Food, Drug and Medical Task Force, criticizing the company for promoting over 50 unsubstantiated (and illegal) health claims.

“TINA.org’s investigation revealed that the company uses unsubstantiated, and therefore deceptive, health and disease treatment claims to market many of it products,” states the letter.

It’s not the first time Paltrow’s company has been called out for its totally bizarre and in no way scientifically accurate health claims. Remember when Goop told women to put a $66 egg up their lady parts? Apparently, this increases orgasms, hormonal balance and “feminine energy” (whatever that means). Of course, doctors and other health professional responded immediately by pointing out that is utter bullshit.

Goop began life in 2008 as a weekly newsletter, sent straight from Paltrow’s kitchen. Now, it’s a fully fledged online publishing company. This year it even branched out into events, launching the “Goop Wellness Summit” where entry was $500 a pop, but for an extra $1,000 you could have lunch with Paltrow. Visitors could also enjoy a day of crystal therapy, aura reading, and anti-oxidant IV drips, on top of the workout classes and panel discussions.

From wearable stickers made from spacesuit material (false) that “promote healing” (false) to earthing (which has something to do with walking around barefoot, electrical static, and insomnia, but don’t ask Paltrow, she’s already admitted “I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about!”), the site’s made some pretty shaky health claims over the years. But not only are they touting completely unsubstantiated, and in some case harmful, medical advice, they are selling readers the products they promote at extortionate prices.

The letter continues by saying: “TINA.org has catalogued a sampling of more than 50 instances in which the company claims, either expressly or implicitly that its products – or third party products that it promotes – can treat, cure, prevent, alleviate symptoms of, or reduce the risk of developing a number of ailments ranging from depression anxiety, and insomnia, to infertility, uterine prolapse, and arthritis, just to name a few.”

TINA.org said they’d been in touch with representatives from Goop but when they sent them example links of articles on the website containing false health claims, “the company made only limited changes” to the site. 

“For these reasons, TINA.org urges your office to commence an investigation into the marketing claims being made by Goop and take appropriate enforcement action,” states the letter.

As to whether the California Food, Drug, and Medical Task Force responds to this suggestion, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Read more: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/gwyenth-paltrows-goop-under-investigation-for-false-health-claims/

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