Here’s Another Installment Of Design Fails Because Human Stupidity Is Boundless

Sometimes I look at something and think to myself that I could have made it way better.

From home layouts to street grids to everyday kitchen appliances, it seems like some people make everything as difficult as possible. Clean, simple designs are almost hard to come by in this crazy world. Even though I think I could make things more efficient, there are some design fails that defy all reasoning. We’ve brought you these ridiculous goof-ups in the past, but here are 10 more that will really make you scratch your head.

1. The water is supposed to flow INTO the drain, you know.

2. Remind me never to get lost with the person who created these pillows.

3. They say millenials are ambitious, but getting more than 100 percent correct might challenge anyone’s drive to succeed.

4. These stairs are for people who love to live on the edge.

5. Surely the barbed wire is a foolproof way to keep people out…

6. Wait, how many legs do human women have?

7. I mean, who among us has not been embarrassed by autocorrect?

8. This is actually the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

9. This was made by a person who has clearly never seen a duck before.

10. If you can even begin to explain the logic behind this elevator panel, please do for my sanity.

(via BoredPanda)

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