If you have purchased the iHomeInnovations lemon squeezer and…

If you have purchased the iHomeInnovations lemon squeezer and citrus juicer, then this video will explain the best tips and tricks to maximize the results you’ll receive using this lime press tool. If you have not already purchased it, you can do so here http://amzn.to/1IYRqev. This will take you to Amazon where you can purchase and get a discount using coupon code SAVE05IH. A recap of the video tips and tricks. 1. Make sure you put the flesh side of the fruit face down in the bowl before squeezing. 2. If the hinge seems a little stiff, just apply some vegetable oil to loosen it up. 3. If you are squeezing a lime or small lemon, you may want to score the rind and then hold the fruit in place until you apply some downward pressure to keep it from moving around. 4. Our kitchen tools are dishwasher safe, but giving the unit a quick wash with soap and water seems to do a better job at removing the oils from the peel that remain on the stainless surface. 5. The best way to use the Bonus lemon mister is to cut off just the very top of the lemon, screw the mister into the flesh of the fruit and then gently roll and squeeze to move the juice in the chamber. Works great for spritzing salads, fish and keeping fresh cut fruit from turning brown. iHomeInnovations 2990 N. Litchfield Road – Suite 6B Goodyear, AZ 85395 http://www.ihomeinnovations.com #lemonsqueezer #lemonjuicer #lemonpress #lemonandlimesqueezer #handpress #manualjuicer #ihomeinnovations

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