Another 5* STAR Review On The iHomeInnovations Garlic Press

Another 5* Star Review from a satisfied client of iHomeInnovations.  This company seems to provide their customers with the highest quality home and kitchen products that rival the big name brands in the market.  This review really lays out some of the issues with the other “big brands”, so hopefully after you read this, you too will try one of their innovative kitchen products.

I own a Pampered chef garlic press, and aside from the fact that it’s aluminum, the coating is wearing off, and it’s actually made by Zyliss, the hopper is small and you can’t press as much garlic at one time as with this tool. The other nice thing is that you don’t need to peel the garlic skin at all. I’ve seen some other garlic press tools that offer a silicone skin removal tool, but that is not needed at all with this device. Once I squeezed the garlic out, all I did was use a pointy knife to pull the skin remnants out of the hopper, rinsed it under the tap and that was it. I like the fact that the stainless steel cleans easily and doesn’t retain any of the garlic smell. Check out the size of this unit compared to some other ones I own. The one in the middle is the Pampered Chef, and the one on the left is another brand I got online. This is definitely a great garlic press and I’m looking forward to many years of use.


from Things For The Kitchen And Home
via Innovative Home And Kitchen Gadgets
from Things For The Kitchen And Home
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